Selling of Pre-Order Position is Prohibited (Framework Laptop 16 or otherwise)

We’re seeing an uptick in individuals attempting to sell their Framework Laptop 16 pre-order positions online. Please note that this is prohibited and can result in the order being canceled and refunded when identified. While Framework does allow, and encourages, secondhand sales of “previously loved” Framework hardware, selling of pre-order position is dangerous for a number of reasons, primarily because the buyer would be required to take over the associated Framework account. This could expose PII (Personal Identifiable Information) via that account access which is a major security issue and also enables avenues for scamming as the original purchaser could cancel the pre-order and receive the refund after the sale to a potential buyer.

Please, do not sell or purchase pre-order positions. Once the product is purchased in full, ships, and is received, you are welcome to do what you wish with that Framework hardware, but prior to payment/shipment, this is not allowed by Framework.

Thank you for your understanding.