Shipping taking forever

I ordered an i5 1340p 64gb laptop on Tuesday night and it still hasn’t shipped. They also give no estimated date on when it could possibly arrive or ship. Why does it take so long?

Less than 2 days has passed, and you say it’s taking forever?
I can only suggest buying everything in-store in-person for the future.


What I mean is that money came out of my account and nothing has yet to happen, no estimate no ship date nothing. If I knew what was going on then I would care.

FW isn’t a Dell, HP, etc. My suspicion is they do not ship from Taiwan daily. It appears orders are aggregated, and they ship 2 or 3 days per week. You should see some movement by tomorrow or Monday the latest. The good news is once it’s in transit from Taiwan, it moves surprisingly quick.

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This is a user forum. If you would like an official response to your questions, you should reach out to support. I agree with the others who have responded here, be patient, and if you haven’t heard anything a week after your order was put in, then definitely send a message to support by then as there could be a glitch in their system.