Shipping to University Campus Mailbox


I wanted to ask is there any way i can get the framework laptop shipped to a university campus mailbox in the US?

As i am living in on-campus dorms and that is the only way i am able to order stuff. But when i go to order, it tells me that P.O boxes are not allowed and also when i emailed support, they told me the same thing.

So, can anyone help me out with this cause i am international student here and don’t really have anyone i can get it delivered to instead and don’t really understand the us postal system.

Thanks in advance

How about ship it to the faculty building under your name (or a TA or a professor to help you out)?

Or, as usual, call a friend.

Have you tried entering the mailbox number in the “apartment” field? I used to do that when I had an on-campus mailbox, since all the mail goes to the institution’s mailroom, then they distribute it to the mailboxes themselves.