[SOLVED] 12th Gen DIY Hard freeze after Intel Graphics drivers are installed

Just got my 12th Gen DIY yesterday and on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 I am unable to maintain a stable configuration after installing Intel Graphics drivers both directly from Intel as well as from Framework. Have used multiple versions of the driver, known working Win10 and Win11 USB’s across at least a dozen fresh installs at this point.
What happens is this: Upon installation of Intel Graphics Drivers the entire system will hard freeze within seconds, keyboard no longer registering keystrokes, caps lock doesn’t light up, display visibly frozen as well as system clock will not advance.
After a hard reboot, assuming I can boot into Windows at all, it will hard freeze again at login.
The only stable configuration I have been able to produce is utilizing the default Windows graphics driver by rolling it back in Safe Mode.
Worth noting that I supplied my own SSD and RAM, both brand new from Newegg. The RAM is on my list of possible suspects, currently waiting on Memtest86 to run.
Other suspect, if it is indeed hardware, would be potentially a bad expansion card?
Searched through topics and didn’t see any that appeared to match this.
CPU: i7-1260P CPU
SSD: WD_Black SN850X 2TB
RAM: GSkill Ripjaws 2x16GB DDR4 3200MHz CL 18

OS: Replicated in Win10 and Win11
Drivers: Used both 101.4146 directly from Intel and 101.3222 from the Driver Bundle from Framework.

Not sure if anyone here has encountered this before, or would be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

Replying to myself: The issue appears to have resolved after about a day of troubleshooting. I can’t point to any exact reason for the issue to have occurred, nor to an exact solution.

Memtest86 ruled out the memory as an issue. Afterwhich I pulled all expansion cards and installed Intel Graphics and confirmed stability before adding them back in one by one to isolate which one may be faulty, but the issue did not return.

I did do an SSD firmware update as a bit of unrelated preventative maintenance, but I suppose I can’t rule that out as a factor. The only other thing I can think of is perhaps one of the cards was not properly seated and caused issues with the display drivers as a result.

In any case, I believe this can be classified as resolved.

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Marked as solved! Thanks for the update!