[SOLVED] Bluetooth: Intermittent connection between Razer mouse

Having a #bluetooth connection issue spefically with a #Razer Orocho V2 mouse. This mouse worked fine for over a year with a Macbook Air as well as a Desktop PC over Bluetooth but ever since I switched over to a 12th Gen Framework running #Windows 11, after pairing for the first time, it doesn’t always reconnect after a reboot or when the machine is in sleep mode.

Machine: 12th Gen Framework w/ 2x8GB Crucial Memory, WD Black SN770 500GB
Device: Razer Orochi V2 w/ latest firmware

Steps tried:

Other than that, I’d assume the two should work right out of the box as I have no issues with it on other machines.

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Installed latest AX210 Bluetooth driver from the Intel website and it seems to have resolved the issue. Will continue to perform further testing.

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Case closed. Seems to be working fine after the Intel driver install.

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