[SOLVED] Charging cable split and frayed

I hate the 90 degree turn so I also flipped the cable to connect that side to the brick. That might have contributed to the extensive splitting I got.

About to get a 3rd party cable as replacement.


I’ve always used my charging cable with a magnetic clip. Saved my bacon a couple of times.
Noticed today that the cable has split


Yet if I’m not mistaken, Frame.Work forces us to buy the entire power adapter set to replace one cable? How is that not wasteful and cheaper?

In anticipation of:

So 2 weeks after the warranty expired my power cable has split apart.

You will note there that Framework has responded and I think they are likely to forego the 2 weeks as they recognised there were some duff cables.

A warranty expiry only really means that it can be used to thwart a claim but where something clearly has failed unreasonably then the manufacturer is still liable.

My cable is, most of the time as in the image. The loop is to ensure the end by the computer does not get a lot of strain from movement.

I also have two outlets than the computer is moved between during the day/evening and in the evening is as the model infers is on my lap and I’m up and own all over the place whilst plugged in, hence the loop fixed to a steel board, which is also used to help cooling.

Ever few weeks the cable is rolled up and backpacked some hundreds on miles and pulled out to use at various locations for a few days.

So far so good :crossed_fingers:

this repair-friendly company forces you to buy the entire adapter set of three items for $49

Where did you get that idea, no one is forcing you to do anything. You are free to buy what you want, for example a 100W USB C to USB C cable. ??

This has replaceable 1m AC and 2m right-angle USB-C cables.
What kind of power adapter can I use with my Framework Laptop?


So 2 weeks after the warranty expired my power cable has split apart. The thing is, this laptop just sits there. I’ve coiled/uncoiled the cable at most 3-5 times in the year that I’ve had it. I have 10 year old laptops with cables I’ve abused far more that haven’t split apart.

I hate to say this but if a “repair-friendly” laptop = cheap parts that you HAVE TO replace often with the added expense of time and stress, this’ll be my last repair-friendly product.

EDIT: holy smokes…and this repair-friendly company forces you to buy the entire adapter set of three items for $49 + shipping when I just need to repair the one cable? That’s pretty bad…for me…for the planet…

The good news is you can get a high quality cable elsewhere.


I know your warranty is up, but I would still contact support. It seems like a lot of people are having issues with the charging cable, and support is doing their best to replace just the cable for free.

I’m just guessing but there may have been was a manufacturing flaw with the early cables.

EDIT: I completely forgot that Nirav mentioned an actual manufacturing defect. For anyone coming to this thread in the future, please contact support if you are seeing fraying issues with your charging cable! (thanks to @GhostLegion for the reminder)


NRP said there was a manufacturing defect above in the thread.

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aha! I completely forgot that he had said this! It is no longer a guess!

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To their credit, Framework appears to have decided my cable was part of a bad batch and is sending a replacement free of cost. So there’s that.


My power cord just started to spontaneously unravel after just a couple of months of intermittent use! It sits, unmolested, on a smooth flat surface and hasn’t been stepped on, twisted, or damaged in any other way. Yikes!!

Posts from a couple of months ago suggest other folks are having the same issue. Did Framework respond appropriately? If you had this issue, what are you using now?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Sandra_Relyea,

Please contact Framework Support. We’ll take care of you. We’ve been in contact with our supplier/manufacturer of this specific part and have provided them returned samples for analysis.

I asked that your post be moved to this main topic, where, as suggested by @TheTwistgibber you will find cases where Framework have repalced in similar cases.

All the best

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Hey anyone else haveing issues with the chargers?

Check the forums, there are quite a few of these. Recommend reaching out to support since it is a known issue.


These cables suck mine is spiting on both ends and one side sits on the floor plugged into the charger and never moves, the other side just get plugged into the laptop.

@Todd_Adam please, as already mentioned a few times, contact Framework support instead of replying here. The issue is known and so is the solution.


@John_Perez , that looks just like mine, and I’ve only had mine about 4 months! I generally am very gentle with my belongings, especially electronics, so this is very disappointing.

Why are you replying 6 months after his message with the same issue when the problem and the solution is already known?

There was a bad batch of chargers and you can open a support ticket on Framework to get a new one shipped.


@Anachron , why are you so interested in shutting down people who are sharing their experiences in the Framework Community? I did open a support ticket, but I also have found that sharing these issues with other users can help identify patterns and even ways new users can avoid them. For example, if I had seen that post 6 months ago, I probably would have taped up the ends of that cable preemptively.