Some concept ideas

these are just a ideas I thought I would put forward that I believe or hope would really set your laptops ahead of the game

  1. Folding screen monitor, like the samsung mobile phone what if when you lift up the laptop screen to use the laptop you could fold it outward to increase its width. I was thinking the monitor could fold inwards from the left and right sides to meet in the middle when you close the lid but when you open it up you could fold out from the middle, sort of like a sheet of paper that is folded from the sides to meet in the middle. The technology for folding screens exists in mobile devices, the advantage is that you wouldn’t have a break line in the screen as it would be seamless where it folds and it would offer a larger UXI real estate to work on without having convoluted mechanisms like some of the existing mechanical expanding laptop monitors that have separate monitors that just fold out on mechanical arms. Obviously, the user would have to fold the monitor manually but the gain of being able to offer a wider monitor without sacrificing the thickness of the laptop too much, I imagine this would be a win, win ? hopefully, I explained the concept enough, I would draw a picture to better explain if I could actually draw

  2. This may be difficult but given how innovative you are perhaps you can be the first ones to offer a laptop with integrated water cooling. I know this would be difficult with the limited space and the mechanics of how-to layout a water-cooling solution and have the radiator and etc, integrated into the laptop. Perhaps the radiator could be built into the back of the monitor. The advantage of this is laptops are notorious for getting too hot and even the best cooling fans are limited in what they can do so surely a solution exists where water cooling even in such a confined space is possible that offer better cooling without having to lug around an external water cooling solution that plugs into the laptop ?

  3. let users vote on ideas and requests on the sites so the most popular ideas can be voted for and then you would have confidence there is a market for implementing the ideas put forward ?

  4. personalized laptop covers/case, people love to customize so having a laptop case with your photo or favourite design printed on it I believe would be popular

  5. wireless charging, rather than having a power lead that often comes loose from the board mounting from all the rough pulling on the lead, a wireless charging plate for the laptop would offer a convenient way to charge a laptop

I hope these ideas have some merit and just thought I would put them forward

I would believe that this is already the case, where comments/likes on the threads that are posted to the forum/subreddit are seen as votes for an idea that is put out by customers. Framework would have to be careful implementing a more formalized system, as they would need to specify that “just because you vote for something does not mean we can or will make it happen” so the current informal system is likely preferred unfortunately.


Please not. It’s to inefficient. Waste of energy.


@Azure ah so there is, fair point

@nasi admittedly I’m not familiar with the limitations of this technology so perhaps you are correct, sometimes spitballing ideas can be a good thing and lead to something and other times not so much

thanks for the feedback its good to bounce ideas around even bad ones…sometimes at least