The option to add a touchscreen to the laptop 13 has clearly been discussed at length. I’m curious, do developers have that as a any sort of pipeline feature to bring to market? Is there any known unofficial option that’s been discovered? And just to throw my 2 cents for an idea in the hat, how about an external display case. Anyone upgrading to a touchscreen could still use the old monitor as a second display. Kinda like the mastercooler pc option for older mainboards but for a display.


I too miss having a touchscreen very much. And ideally a screen that can be flipped over, to convert the laptop into a tablet. But just being touch-sensitive would already be a great win.


Yeah, for me too. I need a touchscreen with pen support and therefore also a screen which you can turn into a tablet-like system (display flat on table pointing upwards).

I really hope they dont just put in a touchscreen, because that would not be a 2-in1 device.

Actually it would be quite weak in such an expensiv device. Only touch with no flippable display and no pen support is actually only found on cheap 300-400$ laptops.

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Me, here with my $1600 touch laptop, non-flippable, multipoint touch but no special pen support. A business-class T-series Thinkpad, just not aimed at graphic designers or anything. Of course, regular capacitive stylus works on it. But I presume that’s not what you meant.

I don’t need touch personally, I just find it nice to have.

Basically every current ThinkPad has a touch display option, but there is only 1 model with 360 display.

Is it the same for :apple:?

Yeah ok, i correct it to “more than 50% above 600Euros”, so most of time. On i checked the devices above 800euros which have touchscreen and 774 of the 1119 devices have a pen supoort (69%). If i set it to 800-1000Euros (not above), it is 65%. On 600-800 it is 55%. But actually it does not matter, if i said 300-400 before or 600-800 now. What i meant was, on a device which costs a lot (like over 1000 or even more) without having very strong GPU and very big SSD/RAM, it should have not only a finger-touch (framework 16" costs 1900 Euro).

But let’s say it in a different way: For me, it is not worth the price, if it does not have a touch with pen support and 360° hinge, if it costs so much and does not have compensated it in another way (like strong GPU, very much RAM and very big SSD and such things). In my opinion most laptops ARE overpriced.

So maybe i have to change this state from before and correct it that way.

Apple is a joke and no reference flovo :smiley:
Overpriced **** :smiley:

Count me in with desire for a touchscreen. I am a physics professor. I make sketches and write equations all the time. Sketching with a touchpad is like being drunk and on acid at the same time. Writing equation with any equation editor on Earth is simply not a possibility for doing live. Like, you know, in a class or conference or something. Those are pretty much my life. So current Framework is unusable for most tasks for me.


Student here, annoting pdf and ppts with a touchscreen would be effin great, its the only downside to the framework for students imo

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Let us know when you plan to deliver laptops 13/16 with a touch screen, please.
This has been discussed for so much months or even years, already.
For me it is a question of to by or not to by your product(s) if this feature is missing.
Thank you in advance for responding to this question.

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