Storage options

Does the laptop only support the use of NVME or will it support traditional hdds and ssds as well.
And if it does support hdd, how many SATA ports does it have ?

The laptop will only support M.2 NVMe SSDs. It does not support M.2 SATA SSDs and does not have any SATA ports. It does not support HDDs.

Of course, you could put SATA SSDs, SATA HDDs or even IDE HDDs in an appropriate USB enclosure and use them that way, but the available storage expansion cards will be much smaller (integrated into the laptop in the expansion card) and faster.

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you could also put a sata controller in the wifi slot, but there’s nowhere in the chassis to put a hdd.

I’m pretty sure you can’t since the M.2 slot is keyed only for certain devices.