System powers off after a day in sleep

I have a 12th gen Framework with Windows 11 installed.

I generally leave the laptop plugged in, so I know this isn’t a battery related issue (I have it set to stop charging at 90% in bios)

I generally only use the system once a day for a couple hours and then close the lid. The frustration is that the next day when I go to use the computer, I have to turn it on because at some point while it was sitting there it turned itself off.

I recently started using hibernate so that at least my open programs would remember where I was, but the start up time of hibernate is longer than I’d like considering it should wake from sleep easily.

I suspect it’s a windows issue, but have no idea what to change or where to look.

Power management. I assume it isn’t the battery dying on you? If it’s the battery dying then that’s just the generally poorly regarded suspend battery life. If it’s Windows turning off the computer after X period of time, then the setting for it will be in power management in Control Panel/Settings.

I leave it plugged in, so I don’t see that as a possibility. Also looking at the power graph it stays at/near full.

The only settings I see in the power plan are for when the system goes to sleep. Even in the advanced settings I don’t see anything that to me indicates shutting the system down.

Windows can after a time or battery discharge switch from Sleep to Hibernate, so is it hibernating as a shutdown option, not quite the same a a shut down.

Pretty sure it shuts down because all my programs close and for example chrome gives the restore session option “your last session ended unexpectedly”


@Sean_Roberts Welcome. A few of us 12th gen Windows 11 users have had similar experiences - check this thread for the whole saga and possible workarounds. (Laptop shuts down during sleep)


Thanks for the link! I hadn’t found that thread on my initial search before posting this one. I’m trying the registry change to S3 sleep, hope it works. I’ll report back in a few days.


So far the registry edit has worked perfectly.