Windows 11 sleep issues

Sleep on my laptop has never really worked correctly. The laptop was stuck with only the S0 sleep state until I found a workaround to enable S3 in the Windows registry.

The issue has also been talked about in this thread but I haven’t really seen a proper solution.

My particular issue seems to be with the NVMe controller?

Google searching for Intel(R) PEG60 - 9A09 (_SB.PC00.PEG0) doesn’t really bring up anything aside from some Lenovo forum posts on a Thinkpad that don’t seem very conclusive either.

The SSD I have is a WD SN850 but not one sold by Framework. The SSD firmware is up to date and so is Windows and the BIOS (3.07).

As I said above I have the laptop sleeping with S3 using the registry command in the link above but this seems like a workaround rather than a potential solution but is better than me manually setting the laptop to hibernate.

Anyone have insight I may have missed?

Edit: apologies, this probably should have gone in the community support section.


Since updating to windows 11, I’ve also had sleep issues.

I closed the lid of my laptop and put it in my bag as I normally would, but when I got home the laptop was completely overheated.

Never happened before on windows 10.

This happens with my laptop too (also runningh windows 11). Very frustrating considering the amount paid… Anyone know if there is a solution?

Did you affected users try to disable the PCIe power-saving settings in Windows?

@Hank_Scorpio its likely a problem with Windows that Microsoft needs to fix. They introduced Modern Standby a few years ago which puts the system in a low power state so it can wake up to do updates and fetch notifications. Problem is there are a lot of things that can prevent it from getting to that state and Microsoft is having a touch time fixing it for all of the different reasons it can happen.

There should be guides somewhere for how to set the laptop to “Hibernate after…” a certain amount of time. Hibernate is slower to activate and resume out of but does power the machine off when not in use.