The laptops batches with AMD CPU scheduled to ship in Q4

Now that we have started Q4, has anyone getting a laptop with an AMD CPU received notice in preparation for their laptop to ship?

As far as I know, nothing yet on the Framework 16 side of things (All of which have AMD CPUs). As for the AMD version of the 13", people have been getting emails that batch 1 is preparing to ship.

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Nothing as of yet, looks like it may be delayed for a few weeks based on this Framework support response.


The Laptop 16 preorders look massive. While Laptop 13 AMD CPU preorders are on Batch 7 (even 8 is scheduled for Q4). L16 is already on Batch 13 scheduled for Q2 of next year. Apparently, FW plans to get L13 with AMD CPU off preorder in Q4, but plan on L16 to still be on preorder in Q2 of 2014.

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Batch 1 off L13 AMD now shows shipped. I’m wondering how much of L13 AMD needs to ship before L16 starts shipping. I’m also interested in how well different DDR5 RAM and M2 SSD’s are working, in particular SSD’s with read speeds 7000 MB/s or greater. We know the WD M2 Gen 4 SSD’s work, but what about Crucial T700 4TB Gen5 NVMe M.2 SSD - Up to 12,400 MB/s - DirectStorage Enabled - CT4000T700SSD3. Does Gen5 work?

While PCIE gen 5 ssds will work, they will still be capped to gen 4 speeds so it doesn’t make sense to use a gen 5 ssd in the Framework 16. So it’s better just to save your money and get a good gen 4 ssd.


Batch 2 of the L13 AMD CPU’s shipped.


The Samsung 990 PRO Series, e.g. MZ-V9P2T0B/AM, sequential read/write speeds up to 7,450/6,900 MB/s, are the fastest M2 Gen4 SSD’s I’ve found so far.

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Batch 3 of the L13 AMD CPU’s shipped.

It appears that FW’s scheduling is optimistic. We are approaching the halfway point in Q4 and only 3 out of 9 L13 AMD batches have shipped. None of the first five L16 batches scheduled for Q4 have shipped. It doesn’t bother me. I’m in Q1, and I hope RAM and SSD price drop before it ships.

Typing this from my Batch 4 machine. Just saying, lol. :wink:


So, the real storying is the FW marketplace web page is behind in updating the status of the batches. Thanks for the update. Or, maybe that means they haven’t finished shipping all of Batch 4 yet.

Could be, as I believe there are some in batch 4 who are still waiting for their machines.

Batch 6 is beginning to ship out so I think Framework will be able to keep its promise about shipping all of batch 9 by the end of the year.

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Batch 6 is beginning to ship out so I think Framework will be able to keep its promise about shipping all of batch 9 by the end of the year.

So, apparently there isn’t an emphasis on Marketplace staying up to date on the batches that ship.

I think they have more important things to do like keep the FW13 shipments going and work ou tthe final bugs in the FW16 so they get that shipping. The posts about delays in the support group should be telling you this.

Does anyone know if batch 1 of Framework 16 will not start processing until all the 9 batches of Framework 13 have been processed?

That is not what has been indicated. There have been some final teething problems reported which has stayed the start of FW16 production. They have indicated that they have been increasing the capacity of the production facilities ready for the FW16.

So, what we have found out is we cannot know when batch 1 of FW16 starts shipping using the MarketPlace web page. Someone from FW or in batch 1 would need to tell us.

You can be sure, that someone will tell you as soon as the email reminding everyone to check their billing information goes out.