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I was wondering the possibility to add a touch screen and one which could interact with a stylus to compete with a Surface laptop? Has this been discussed before and could this be a possibility in the future for framework?


search is your friend :slight_smile:


I just bought the DIY today, I love the concept of easy repairs, but more than that the ability to only buy exactly what I need(I’ve already got a 4tb SSD, don’t need another), and to have some potential of upgrading over time with new capabilities - especially the expansion cards. I probably spent three hours last night lying in bed imagining different concepts for cards…

The one big bummer for me is the absence of the Touchscreen…not for notetaking, but just because I have built such a habit of using the screen to scroll pages…I swore I would never get a laptop without a touchscreen, well Framework convinced me to break that rule. But, I’d still really like one :slight_smile:


I think the touchscreen is a gamechanger for framework… I mean look at all of us creatives begging for it as a framework option. I have a background in Engineering - an if there is anyone who can source the touchscreen I’ll make a housing for it. Lets keep this topics momentum!


My university has a salvage warehouse where you can buy used laptops. One that’s commonly being pawned off are chromebooks and I think a lot of the newer ones have touch screens with the same dimensions as the framework. I don’t have one in my hands, but I think a good start would be looking into salvaging parts and then developing a housing for that.


@Patrick_Moore That sounds like a good place to start to grab the touch screen!

Let us know if you do grab one!

in the meantime for those who want a simple option look into products that attach to the laptop and add touch functionality. they even work with pens or pencils or styluses.

I just don’t get this obtuseness on the part of Framework to not offer a touch screen. I have been following them since the first edition launched but I refuse to buy one until a quality touchscreen is offered. There you have it !

Same here - without touchscreen this device is no-go. Remember that HP introduced its first touch-screen computer in 1983 and the first touch-screen convertible laptop in 2008!

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I am “guessing” that Framework is first focusing on MVP level stuff and trying to be successful without adding touch right now. I am expecting that they will be adding touch in the future. And I am holding off until they do add touch. I want Framework to succeed and do touch right, so I am happy they are waiting in a sense.

I do desire more transparency from Framework on if they have “intention” of adding touch though, because I haven’t seen anything yet indicating that.

I’ve had failed touchscreens and ghost touches in the past on other hardware and it is crazy annoying. I also have a stylus on my Thinkpad X1 Yoga that I use from time to time in tablet mode on Linux. I want touch to be awesome, with stylus, and a built in stylus holder would be ideal too!


I just got my Framework and I was convinced that I didn’t care about touch screens. But I keep fighting the urge to scroll with my finger while I’m laying in bed with it. Ha! I guess old habits die hard. I’ll adjust, but some day it might be nice to have the option in a Framework. For now, I’ll deal. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wanted to register my “vote” here in case the Framework team monitors this (if there’s a better place to post this sort of thing, please let me know). My previous laptop died yesterday (a lenovo yoga 9i, the display went all psychedelic with all kinds of weird ghosting and shadows, like big green vertical bars anywhere the cursor goes). I was actually secretly sort of glad because I had been looking forward to getting a Framework. But when I discovered that there was no touchscreen/screen with stylus option, I sadly had to cancel my plans to buy a Framework (and ended up with a fully loaded Dell Inspiron 16 7620 2-in-1). Using the pen has just become such a part of typical workflows these days. I hope that whenever the Inspiron gives up the ghost (judging by my track record lately, 18-30 months) there is an available Framework display with a high-accuracy palm-rejecting stylus. Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


Agree with you, Glen. Until there is a touchscreen offered, I won’t be purchasing a framework laptop. Hopefully this will get traction soon.


Throwing my 2 cents in too.

I learned about the Framework laptop from a Make article. I’ve been building my own PCs for many years, and thought a laptop would be fun. I purchased the DIY laptop with the expectation it would have a touchscreen. I didn’t even conceive it wouldn’t have one. Well, laptop came and its a great experience, except that i was immediately disappointed by the lack of touchscreen. I too use it for scrolling and catch myself touching the screen only to be reminded of my disappointment.

Dont get me wrong, i love the Framework laptop so far and am a big supporter of the cause, but lets put a touchscreen high up on the priority list. I know that as soon as one is available i will be purchasing and installing one! Then my expectations of a perfect laptop will be complete. :slight_smile:

The lack of a touch screen surprises me. If you want to sell more laptops, build it with all the features people want, otherwise you are simply limiting your pool size of orders!

Hello there, i want to buy a Framework Laptop, but I need a Touchscreen, so is there any option to Diy a Touchscreen, when yes are you have any experience to do this?

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Im in agreement as well, I hope we can get a touchscreen cause for me thats been a stable of windows laptops for a while now and granted how common it is esp in comparable laptops in its price category it would be a competitive upgrade for it.

I’m honestly kind of suprised that nobody has found a panel that just fits in the framework laptop case and connects and works…

People have, the digitizer is just too big to fit anywhere

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Totally makes sense that the touch screen is a must for many people.

However, I’m honestly already impressed with the quality of every component in my laptop - and while I would love a touchscreen soon, I’m optimistic that the Framework team knows about how much we want one but want to make sure the product they develop will be the best it can possibly be.

I do believe the motherboards are currently capable of supporting a digitizer, which is very promising for us! And given Framework’s commitment to repairability and upgradeability, it wouldn’t surprise me if we could purchase it separately and install ourselves (given they release it at all).

For now I’m super pleased with my device and I’m trying to convince my wife to get one as well so I can repair both our machines when the time comes!