Touchpad with Numberpad setup doesn't work when centered

I have 2 of the same device so it lets me swap hardware between them to verify configurations.

Windows 11 Pro - Nothing else custom

I have the keyboard and number setup and they are both working. The touchpad however ONLY works if I move it to far left. It doesn’t work if I center and keep 1 spacer on each side. The device is “supposed” to support the keyboard/numpad with the touchpad centered but I’m not seeing this working. I’ve tried both touchpads I have. If I move it to the center it doesn’t work…if I move it back to the far left it does.

Anyone else seeing this issue?
(The second unit actually isn’t booting at the moment so I can’t test it on that unit)*

I’ve got that exact configuration and it works as intended. If you look at the contacts on the middle plate, are there any damages?

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Thanks! Good call. No “visible” damage from what I could see ( a tiny minor scuff on the center contact)…BUT…not all of the pins would go down. The contact has 8 pins on it and only 7 would depress. One of them was stuck. I was able to press pretty hard to free it up and it started moving again. The keyboard then worked.

If you have issues with these verify all 8 pins move freely on that contact.