Ubuntu 24.04 on the Framework Laptop 13


The installation guide is available here: Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Installation on the Framework Laptop 13 - Framework Guides

Optimizing Ubuntu Battery Life

Intel users may want to begin testing against TuneD. AMD, do not use TuneD or TLP - stick with PPD as it comes by default.


Anything special required for a 22.04 → 24.04 upgrade?

We’ve had folks doing so without trouble. However, as always…always, always, always have a backup of your important data.

  • Disable PPAs (likely not needed, but a good practice.)

  • Always make sure you’re fully update BEFORE upgrading.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && snap refresh

  • And as always, upgrades can fail. Generally rare, but this is why we backup - just in case a fresh install is needed.
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The installation went fine in my Framework 13 AMD but I can’t update the System Firmware to through Firmware Updater. After it downloads the file an alert pops up saying “Failed to install firmware! Action was not possible”.

I suggest reporting a bug here: GitHub - canonical/firmware-updater: An experimental firmware updater UI based on fwupd

After you’ve reported a bug you should try with the command line tool fwupdmgr update

13" AMD updated flawlessly (Kubuntu). A day later, no issues. Not been able to test HDMI or Ethernet yet.

WiFi, fingerprint and all day to day apps are fine, including the offical FireFox PPA.

One thing not noted in the guides is to remove the amdgpu.sg_display=0 from GRUB, if previously added to stop flashes of white on the display.

Several things noted in the release notes, for instance if you use Thunderbird you might want to uninstall it first.

I tried fwupdmgr update from the terminal and got:

/boot/efi does not have sufficient space, required 93,2 MB, got 66,8 MB

The problem is I installed Windows 11 before Ubuntu and the EFI partition created by Windows is too small for the firmware size.

There may be two solutions to this: resize/recreate a bigger EFI partition or temporarily move the Miscrosoft folder.

Well good you have a root cause. I still suggest that you file a bug with that GUI tool. They should totally be exporting that error out to people.

FWIW I’ve seen the same behavior on a dual boot and I’ve temporarily moved the folder to be able to update. It’s really too bad that the OS installer doesn’t flag this dual boot situation and handle making a bigger ESP. I’ve filed a bug for the situation here to track:

My Ubuntu is not upgrading to 24.04 even though I have 'notify me of a new ubuntu version: For long-term support versions" set.

I have followed this a couple months ago:

A reminder everyone for those choosing not to just do a clean install:

Generally, auto updates between LTS do not happen till the …1 release. You can add “-d” to the update command to force it if you are prepaired for the risk and have read the release notes etc

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This is correct.

To my knowledge TLP was always recommended to Intel users, so what changed?
Cannot find anything TuneD related in the Battery optimization guide.
Could you please explain?

Gen 1165 Feb 2022 | Pre-build with Windows

Installed on 128GB Kingston µSD | No problems.
Did ensure wi-fi was OFF to speed install up.

Use from boot via F12
Will be installing on NVMe and or 256GB Expansion card.

Just to report an issue I’m experiencing with the installer. I received my new laptop today.

When I reach the “Connect to the internet” stage, I can choose my wifi network, type my password in and then what would be the “Next” button in the bottom right instead has a spinner.

If I open firefox, I actually do have internet access, and if I restart the installer, it just assumes I have no internet and I could proceed without connecting via the installer.

I’m going to continue installing without the installer thinking I’m online, but I am in fact online. Just thought it was worth sharing.

Are AMD fw13 owners still recommended to use rtc_cmos.use_acpi_alarm=1 with kernel 6.8? I remember this might have been discussed somewhere in the forum but it’s hard to find.