USBC Ethernet Adapter not staying connected

I have a starlink USBC Multiport adapter, with USB, HDMI, and Ethernet. It works well with my work mac book pros and other computers but it doesnt want to stay connected, I’m not using it to connect to the internet, I need it to connect to an AV Lan system to adjust settings and such.

anyone else have this issue?

I’ve seen a similar problem with a 0bda:8153 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8153 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (in a USB-C hub integrated in a monitor) under Linux. It turns out that TLP settings putting it to sleep didn’t go well with the kernel driver. Putting it on the sleep blacklist solved the problem. The problem generally manifested itself after a while, when the network happened to not be used.

I am using the same adapter with my Framework laptop with FC35 and haven’t seen the problem yet. So perhaps the particular device made it on the default blacklist.

I understand and follow what everything you said but like. I don’t know how to add thi Ng s to the black list.

I think I ended up putting a USB_DENYLIST in the TLP configuration for the USB ID (0bda:8153 in my case) into a TLP configuration file:

It looks like on FC 35 these are located in /etc/tlp.d (or alternatively /etc/tlp.conf)

If you’re running linux with TLP activated, this might be worth a try. On another operating system, I’m sure this would require a wholly different approach.

yeah, running Windows :frowning:

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This may be of help. There is a Windows 10 power setting to not turn of USB devices. This link has info on that. Prevent USB devices from going into sleep mode on Windows 10/11?

In addition to that you can look under Device Manager then Universal Serial Bus controllers you can right-click the devices and click Properties then go to the Power Management tab and uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Give that a shot and see if it helps.

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