ViaScreen Customer Service

Hey Framework community,

I am really happy with my Batch 4 and having a blast with it.

I just wanted to share my experience with ViaScreen ​support.

I actually ordered my screen protector and a while back.

USPS delivered it. It was bent and the screen protectors were damaged. Contacted ViaScreen support, they were kind enough to send me another via DHL (faster service). Again, it was bent and the screen protectors were damaged. I honestly gave up at that point but sent an email to Jeff thanking him anyways and told him not to send anymore.

Guess what? He didn’t listen, he emailed me that he sent me another one.

Today I received a pair of perfect condition screen protectors, in super protected packaging.

I really appreciated Jeff’s amazing service and wanted to share it with the community.


Just make sure you read this thread! The adhesive that comes with it might be too strong.


Yes, I am very aware of it. This post is just to highlight the customer service that you don’t really see much. Or at least I don’t. I just wanted to show my appreciation. That’s all.

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