Webcam never worked well

I purchased my 12th-generation framework in 2022 (DIY - Win11), and the webcam never worked well. I would always have to toggle the switch a couple of times to get it to work; it would turn on blurry, but a toggle on and off would usually clear it up again. It won’t work now; I’ve cleared all drivers and reinstalled them with the driver bundle. I’ve removed the bezel to clean the optical sensor, to no avail. Should I try to buy a new webcam module?

I would contact support first, tell them everything you’ve done, and see if they have any other steps you should take. First, making sure all the cables are connected to the Webcam module is a good idea, and even if they seem to be connected correctly, disconnect and reconnect them, making sure they’re plugged in all the way.

This could help, but it may not. Either way, it’s probably a step support will have you do anyway.