What are your 21.10 to 22.04 Plans?

We’re just a few days away from the Jammy Jellyfish release. Like a lot of Framework users, I installed 21.10 because of stories that it was generally more reliable for the hardware. I’m eager to start using an LTS release, and I’m curious to hear what other people are doing. In particular:
Will you upgrade do or a clean install of 22.04?
Will you make the change as soon after 22.04 is released as possible or will you wait for the first point release?

I installed 22.04 right away (using the beta installer) two weeks ago, seems to work quite nicely. I had some issues, but those were mostly because I was used to Xorg and the default is now Wayland, but otherwise things work nicely.

I did have some issues with the wifi driver not initializing at some point (-110 error in dmesg), but now it works again, so not sure what that was or if it will happen again (I’ve mostly been using ethernet through a dock so far).

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I’m likely to move over to 22.04 from 21.10 as soon as it releases and pings me in the Software Updater, but just as a quick update not as a full reimage. Looking at the “Wayland is now default” thing Matt posted has me in a bit of a headscratcher though, as I don’t exactly know what that’ll do to my setup, but I’ll figure it out.

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I actually think Wayland has been the default for a while now, but until now it didn’t work with my old gnome config, so I had just ignored it and used X instead. Now, I thought to fix it (which I ended up doing by selectively importing settings from my old homedir, leaving whatever broke things behind) and try Wayland. TBH, it’s not a supersmooth ride (especially support for my Wacom pen tablet is a bit spotty at times), but at the same time the hi-dpi screen of the laptop means I cannot really use X anymore (I also have a regular DPI external monitor and gnome only supports different scales on different outputs with Wayland, not X. Ideal scale would IMHO be 150% which gnome/wayland currently only supports by double-size rendering and then downscaling, which is sucky, but the wayland community seems to quite close to deciding on a fix for this that no longer requires stretching bitmaps).

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Same, around the same time. No complaints so far beyond having to use powertop autotune

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I guess those who needs LTS will stay with Ubuntu, and some will head over to F36.

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I am running Ubuntu Studio 21.10, which is based on Kubuntu, so it has KDE Plasma instead of Gnome, and Xorg instead of Wayland. I tried Wayland briefly, and it didn’t seem to work well with KDE yet.

I generally follow updates fairly promptly, but Ubuntu Studio recommends waiting for the first point release, 22.04.01 expected in July (Ubuntu Studio 22.04 notes). This appears to be generic advice for all updates to LTS versions, and I don’t see an explanation for the recommendation.

Has anyone here done a 21.10 to 22.04 upgrade yet? I heard this upgrade path wasn’t stable yet, but haven’t seen anything more. I’m not getting the upgrade notification in the software updater

@thefirelane where did you hear that the upgrade is unstable?

I think on reddit someone mentioned that the reason it wasn’t showing up via the software updater is due to them holding off for a bit due to some bug in the upgrade process.

I haven’t heard much more, so I wanted to see what everyone else has done

From the Ubuntu release notes:

Upgrading from Ubuntu 21.10

Upgrades to 22.04 LTS are currently not enabled (due a bug with snapd and update-notifier) but will be in the next couple of days.

I use a further customized Ubuntu Studio. In the Ubuntu Studio release notes:

Upgrading to Ubuntu Studio 22.04 LTS

It is generally not recommended to upgrade to the new LTS version until the first point-release comes out. 22.04.1 is due in July 2022.

I didn’t see any explanation for this recommendation. It appears to me to be a generic recommendation for upgrades to LTS versions, rather than specific to 22.04. It may have something to do with the level of further customization in Ubuntu Studio.

I installed 22.04 on mine. Fresh install, not an upgrade from 21.10. Fine so far. It’s a dual-boot setup with Windows and does not have access to the Windows hard drive because of BitLocker encryption. (I don’t want to fuss with disabling that on Windows.)

If you want something with a longer track record, another option is to install 20.04.4, which has all the updates for full support of the Framework laptop.

Just got it via software updater. Went well, though you still need to checkout the guide after for some grub-default editing. Also be sure to run the software updater again after the update/restart.

Otherwise, no problems yet.

I also just updated from 21.10 to 22.04 using the software updater. All went well.