What to do when my shipping address didn't get changed?


I am in a situation where my preordered laptop got shipped to an address that is no longer correct. I have already opened a ticket with support, to see what are my possibilities, but I am also writing here. Here is more context about my situation:

When I preordered my framework, I was living in Vienna, but I had plans to move to the Netherlands for studying. At the time I was not aware of where exactly I will be moving, so I put the address in Vienna to my account, as there was an option to change the shipping address, before final payment.

I have received a mail about my batch being prepared, with an option to change shipping address and a payment method. I updated my shipping address to a new one, I have followed all instructions in the Knowledge Base. There was also a note stating that, my updated address might not be show on the order summary page, so I figured having the original address from the preorder there is an expected behavior. (After the change, on the orders page and in the settings was just one address - the correct one, the old one was deleted. The old incorrect address was only showing in the order summary)

So after “changing” the address I waited for approx. 2 weeks and then paid for my order so it can proceed with shipping. But when I received the tracking number the delivery address didn’t change.

So after more intensive searching I have found some hints - maybe my address can be changed only to some other address within the some country, according to the billing address (that cannot be changed?). Both of these countries are shipped to by framework and are also part of the EU, so I didn’t think there will be much of an issue with changing addresses between them. I am not sure, because none of this information is officially on the frameworks knowledge base or in the informative emails.

If you state in the settings, that “Updating your default address will also update the shipping address on any unshipped pre-orders.”, but you know that the address cannot be changed, or failed to be changed at lest inform me that the changing of address failed. Right now I feel like I did all the right steps with the information I was given.

So is this something that happens / happened to some? Are there some solutions that don’t involve me trying to contact whoever might be on / near the address at the time of delivery and then figuring out how to forward it to the Netherlands?

Thank you

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So the laptop has shipped, correct? Does tracking give an estimated arrival date?

Also, did you add “[IN-TICKET]” to your title? I don’t see an edit showing that it was added by a mod. Those tags are supposed to be added by a mod after they’ve seen your post. If you added that, then it may cause them to overlook your post, thinking that it’s already being handled. So if you did add “[IN-TICKET]” yourself, then I suggest you remove it. This can be done by clicking the pencil icon next to the title.

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Yes, it has shipped yesterday and the estimated delivery date is Tuesday November 21. I have reached out to some people who can possibly pick it up for me, but I am still waiting for response. :confused:

Yes I did, thanks for pointing that out. When I was reading through the pinned topics, it looked like this tag was supposed to be used for topic that is also being handled by support ticket, I probably missed the part about them being assigned by moderators.