What will spacer colors actually look like, compared to other laptop parts?

I know that we can match spacers to bezels in black, orange, and lavender.

However, are the gray spacers the same color as the silver laptop enclosure, or are they slightly lighter? I can’t tell based on the product photos.

Also, will a color shift bezel be released someday? And are the color shift bezels just a gradient, or do they actually shift colors depending on how the light is hitting them?

Note that this is speculation until there is official confirmation.

If they were silver, I think they would write silver (or metallic or whatever). I assume they use the same gray for the keyboard spacers they use for the Framework 13 bezel, which is a non-metallic gray and thus is slightly different.

The touchpad spacers are made of the same metal the rest of the laptop is.

You can already order it, I think?

From the preview videos it looks like a true color shift, not a simple gradient. However the version in that video is a preview version and Framework has said that they try to make the color shift stronger.

Edit: Misread your question, sorry.

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a color shift BEZEL is unlikely, as the color shift spacers appear to be painted metal, whereas the bezels are plastic. painting the plastic in the same way would not work as the bezels bend to be removed, and the paint would flake off.


Hi, I looked at the thumbnails for the spacers, and one of the options was called “color shift” and it had this orange-green gradient. Is this a holographic surface, a painted gradient, or a screen that slowly changes colors?

Thank you


I don’t own the spacers, but from what I’ve seen it’s a paint that is holographic as seen in this video from The Verge:

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I wish the whole computer had a color option, at least black. I can’t get over the old dated silver look of the cases and specially the touchpad. Reminds me of laptops from many years ago :frowning:

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Framework have stated that they won’t offer the option as it’s environmentally unfriendly to produce. Any customer can have a laptop painted any colour that they want so long as it is raw aluminium. :wink:

See here : Awesome concept, strange execution - Framework Laptop 13 - Framework Community

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I witnessed the preview version in person, it is a true color shift and has a surprisingly wide range of colors depending on the angle it’s viewed from. It would be helpful if there were more product images to better demonstrate this when ordering.


I think something like this would be better shown in a video or animated GIF (on their webpage)…


I ordered a Framework 16 with numeric keypad. Will I still get the default black keyboard spacers, even if it does not seem to be specified on the order form? Or do I have to order them separately?

What material are these keyboard spacers made of, especially the grey ones? Aluminum, like the track-pad spacers, or plastic?

You will have to order them separately, and the black ones are plastic but I can’t speak for the others. I ordered both a numpad and extra spacers because I too wanted to have the choice of either.

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