Windows 11: Wrong Time after resume from Standby

Hey guys,

following issue with my FrameWork Laptop:

After being restarted from Standby the Time in Windows 11 is wrong, e.g. several hours behind the clock. A manual sync corrects the time.

Anyone else having this issue? Any one with an idea on how to fix?

I was affected by the “not starting to charge” issue and had to reset the board before getting it to work:

Maybe both issues are related?

Thanks for any help!

It seems like your RTC battery is running low which would explain the clock falling behind. We suggest plugging in the PD charger for at least 24 hours to allow the RTC battery to fully recharge. The RTC battery charges at a much slower rate than the main battery

We also recommend that you update to BIOS version 3.07 if you haven’t done so yet.

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@_EJ_bak Thank you, will try that.

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@_EJ_bak I had the Laptop now charged for two days and afterwards let it run till it ran out of battery. Reconnected charger, booted and the time was still correct.

So I guess the issue is resolved, thanks you :slight_smile: