"Your cart contains items that ship from different warehouses" - How am I supposed to know?

I’m trying to build the essential kit needed to put my Framework board into the Cooler Master case - reallocating the cards I have, and buying the 2 parts that should have been included with the CM case (audio board and WiFi antennas).

But the checkout gives this hard-stop error, with no clue as to how to proceed. Whatever the answer is, I’ll be upset that it is not as simple as “make the order and we’ll figure out how to ship it”, I’m sure - but what IS the answer?

(I already tried removing the case itself, which I thought would be the issue, but no… apparently it’s something else!)


No one here is likely to be able to answer this for you, unless a Framework employee happens to chime in. Your best bet is to reach out to Support.

You’re correct that the cart should indicate what the problematic item is, but with a minimal amount of effort you likely can sort it out while you wait for Support to get back to you.

Have a good day.

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It was the audio board :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The one thing that should, unquestionably, unconditionally, be included in every Cooler Master motherboard case.

And it can’t even be ordered, because, gestures broadly upward at nonsensical error.

Oh well, I have 9/10ths of a case on the way, at least.

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Its just that they’re temporarily out of it in the US while they wait for a shipment from Taiwan. It shows as in-stock because they do have stock in Taiwan, but since the rest of your order is shipping from the US, they can’t ship them together. Normally this would be fine.

Say it’s out of stock… show on the checkout page that it’s out of stock… make any indication that it can’t be ordered without this level of ambiguous error hubbub :smile:


So in addition to venting here, have you reached out to Support so that the next poor schmuck is spared the agony that you endured? Also, some users may have no need for the components not included by default. Why force them to buy them if they won’t be used?

Why put front IO in a desktop PC case? Who ever actually uses those audio jacks? :roll_eyes: It’s a hole in the case where the headphone jack goes. The board for it should be there. Same could be said for the WiFi antenna, but that’s less essential since it’s not an external hole. Who puts the side on their computer case? Why force people to buy a side panel they’ll never use? Why force them to buy a power cable and all those screws? (etc, etc etc)

I’m here because it’s a bigger pain to “reach out to Support” - and I don’t feel like jumping through those hoops. Framework people are here on this forum too. And people can see that n+1 people have experienced the same issue, and can now search (like I did) and find other people with the same complaint.

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Good for you. Have a good day, and a nice life. Hopefully you find peace at some point.

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You really can’t accept that some people might use their boards differently? And a big thing about Framework is user choice.

For just one of the many cases, if I’m using the board as a HTPC / media center pc that will be mounted behind a large TV, with audio always routed out over HDMI, then I have no need for that little audio board. I don’t want to pay extra for something I don’t need / won’t use. And if I have had ethernet there, I wouldn’t need wifi either.

People can use these boards in many, many different ways. Some really do not need everything you need. I, for one, am quite glad that Framework gives us the choice.


Framework has made it abundantly clear (and I personally have repeated the fact multiple times on this forum) that this is a user forum moderated by volunteer moderators. While Framework employees do check it, they do not read every topic, and the only way to be 100% sure that Framework will see your issue is to send a message to support, which simply requires filling out a few sections on their handy dandy support request page.

I’m very sorry that you’ve had all these issues, I agree that the error message you encountered is lacking in detail and doesn’t help you much, but the users on this user forum do not have the power to fix it, and yelling at us isn’t going to make Framework suddenly change how they’ve been interacting with their user forum for the last two years.

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Those would be two of the parts I would explicitly remove from my cart if Framework had added them automatically. I have gigabit ethernet everywhere and either don’t use audio (server setup) or use the monitors audio output.
I do agree that it would be nice to have a full package option that automatically adds every part you might want when selecting the case, so users don’t have to research every part individually.

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