11th Gen BIOS 3.07 + Windows 10 and (11 Alpha) driver bundle

On the topic of Windows 11 Alpha drivers: Can we expect to see beta drivers for Win11 soon (whether it’s new / update driver version, or via a ‘status label’ promotion)?

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It’s now 3 months…a quarter since the CVEs. Insyde is really dropping the ball here…and Framework isn’t releasing any other BIOS fixes in the meantime.

Something isn’t right. Can someone please pick up the ball, and move with it? This is poor progress management…on both sides.


Four complaints in 24 days. You seem rather annoyed. What problems are you having that an ‘urgent’ update may resolve?

That averages out to one follow-up per week. 2 of which were definitely follow-up questions, not complaints.

It’s not urgent if you consider that nothing has been additionally ‘fixed’ and released since end of Dec.

Some issues:

  1. Unplugging USB-PD while system is suspended seems to wake up the system.
  2. CPU doesn’t boost to 60W PL2 when battery charge threshold is set to 75% and is being charged.
  3. CVE fixes.
  4. The never ending battery drain issue(s): High Battery Drain During Suspend - Community Support - Framework Community
  5. ACPI table? BIOS bug: _TZ.ETMD missing in ACPI tables - Community Support - Framework Community
  6. Touchpad interrupts & battery usage issues (idma64.2) - Framework Laptop - Framework Community

In short, various power states / sleep / suspend / wake up behaviour seem to need some work / focus.

This was also reported lately:
Firmware instability, ACPI delays - Community Support - Framework Community

Might be related to this:
Having audio issues,huge interrupt load - Community Support - Framework Community

…and still no Thunderbolt certification. I’m not after the certification itself, but more about the lack of certification likely means the implementation isn’t up to scratch. This area seems to lack transparency as to where the laptop is at with the certification process.

I got my unit in Batch 2, so I’m way beyond the honeymoon period and able to really look at the unit as what it really is today (promises and direction aside). Yours is from Batch 8 (Feb), so I understand that you’re still in the “oh, give them some time” camp.


I also got my laptop in batch 2, am well past the “honeymoon period”, and I also understand that Framework are waiting on Insyde to get them the patch and waiting on Intel to certify the Thunderbolt. There are many moving parts and Framework is trying to handle everything as best they can. All your issues are valid, and I’m sure that Framework would like to fix them as well, but they have made the decision to wait for this patch. I would like to hear a bit more on why they can’t release other fixes in an interim firmware update while they wait for Insyde, but I trust there is a good reason that they haven’t.


I would also like to add other problems too

  1. Laptop restarts while on sleep / Windows 11 BSoD: Bug Check 0x9F
  2. 1TB expansion card disconnects randomly
  3. CPU gets stuck at 0.2 GHz
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I think at least Framework could/should communicate better on what is causing the hold up and what the release plans are.

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This is getting nowhere…

Confirmed. Charged overnight to 100%

  • Red flashing in the morning
  • Unplug and immediately plug in again > Light white
  • ???

I’m really not sure how they can do it better. As is noted here and in other locations on the forum the ball is still in Insyde’s court.

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Further to the above, if this about the pending 3.08 then maybe better to go to that topic. Here is a post from Framework 4 days ago

I’m not good with tenses (vs “is taking”)…does that mean step 1 completed, and it’s now onto step 2? Or is it still pretty much with Insyde?

Good point but I understand the taken as mening taking and used to add weight to the object and move the focus from the one who is waiting.

It has taken (objective)
It is taking (subjective)

Mind you I was always bottom at English but not a complete idiot, I think :slight_smile:

I’m not able to determine whether step 1 completed or not base on my interpretation of the sentence.

Time took / used in the past for a task pretty much remains taken however we phrase it…but it has no indication on task completion status.

Can a native speaker interpret whether it’s now with Framework, or still with Insyde? Or is it undetermined?

I interpret it as ongoing.

From the link:

"## What Is the Present Perfect Tense? (with Examples)

The present perfect tense describes an action that began in the past (despite being a present tense). For example:

  • John has taken Sarah’s advice.
  • They have fixed the fence.

Often, the action being described is still continuing into the present (e.g., John continues to take Sarah’s advice). This is how the present perfect tense differs from the simple past tense."

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I need to go back to school.

(In the “They have fixed the fence.” example…is the fence fixed?)

This is doing my head in, all over again.

I’m pretty sure “They have fixed the fence” means they’ve, just now, finished fixing the fence (but it took a while)

Hehe, English is [not particularly] fun.

There will be a quiz on this tomorrow morning. Be prepared.


3.09 Beta is now available here: BIOS 3.09 Beta release