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It’s the shipping soon, payment complete email.

Originally ordered on 23rd July for those keeping track.

US shipping here ordered july 8, no charge or email yet. also for those keeping track ;-;

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US July 6 - DIY 7840U / 2x8 RAM / no SSD / blank ANSI / black hazel / no PSU - no email yet

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Since they apparently started charging, I’d like to get a bit of a feel of the situation.
So I would just repost @Todd_Freeman’s Poll for this Batch.

removed defective Poll, please vote again in @rangho’s poll if you haven’t already

I can’t participate. Maybe check your poll’s settings?


Since the poll above by @Luca.C didn’t work, let me re-upload on their behalf.

This poll is based on @Todd_Freeman’s poll below, and modified slightly.

As shown in the preview above, if you wouldn’t mind, please revisit this poll to update your order status for other fellow Batch 5 gang. You can select Show vote and Remove vote to modify your choice.

Please participate if and only if you are in Batch 5!

Payment status
  • I was charged successfully!
  • I am still waiting to be charged.

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Shipping status
  • I have received a shipping notification!
  • I have not received a shipping notification.

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Delivery status
  • I have received my delivery!
  • I have not received my delivery.

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Also, it would be interesting to see where people are receiving their payment notifications.
If you have been charged successfully, feel free to let us know where you are!

If you’ve been charged, where are you ordering your Framework in?
  • I am not charged… yet.
  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Belgium

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To be honest no idea what happened there, apparently after my edit, the poll just closed. Thanks for making a new one though. I’ll remove the defective poll from the post. Sorry to the people that already voted, please vote again in the new poll of @rangho.


Just received the Order Shipped email :partying_face:

Edit: Now showing delivery by 12:00 Wednesday. But I’m crossing my fingers for Monday when I’ll be working from home.


Same, mine shipped at about 10am GMT morning after being charged at 8pm GMT. Looks like it’s made it as far as China

Holy cow the processing per batch and shipping speed is incredible. I actually wanted to wait for black week/ friday sales to purchase my SSD and RAM, but it seems like the laptop might arrive early in Germany.
7840U, lavender bezel, German keyboard, no PSU. Waiting to be charged and excited for the device.

Now arrived in Paris! From reading Batch 4 thread, it’s alongside a few of those too.

I’m not far from you but mine hasn’t shipped yet…

Just got my payment confirmation a few minutes ago!


My order #R966401886 also got confirmed but I got an email afterwards that my payment was being reviewed. However, it was already reviewed when I placed the pre-order :frowning: I hope it gets reviewed again quickly!

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US Here Payement went thru!!


US payment went through earlier today! Ryzen 7840 DIY ordered July 6th


US (California) Just got my " Payment complete" email! My pre-order date was July 16th.


Now out for delivery. Not bad, shame the weekend got in the way :smiley:

Arrived! It’s lovely, feels like a quality bit of kit, just need to find time at lunch to build it now


Arrived for me as well. (UK, London)

It is amazing how fast can a parcel be delivered from the other side of the globe… Shipped on Friday, arrived on Monday…


Still not charged here.
I also wonder how that works in case of the Dutch “iDeal” payment method I have chosen.
It means I should receive a link or something to transfer the payment.

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