Batch 2 - Intel 12th - Guild

Placed my order on June 2nd. Waiting on a 12th gen i5-1240p with 32GB of memory (2 x 16GB). Along with 4 USB-C, a USB-A, and HDMI modules. Plus the official power adapter to just add a cherry on top (I’m living the USB-C life, so this will probably get used with my “do everything” 60W Anker charger as well). Going to be pairing it with a SK Hynix P31 1TB I got recently.

I’m going to be mainly using it for a work replacement from my 2017 MBP for web development. Going to be going from macOS to (likely) Ubuntu.

Been reading up on all the reviews from both users and tech sites, and so far my only major concern is battery life, but I’m feeling pretty good (and excited) otherwise.


Was a little late to the party with my order being placed on June 27th.

Got the i5-1240p DIY. Bringing my own storage and RAM at 2tb and 64gb respectively (got in on some super prime day deals).

Going to be using this as my personal light-dev system for both web and embedded development as well as maybe some CAD modeling for my 3d printing addiction. OS is a toss up between a few of the more popular Nix flavors. PopOS, Manjaro or Mint. I have a background working in Ubuntu/Debian based environments so more likely to gravitate that way.

Almost the same upgrade path as @Firestorm980. Going from a 2017 15" MBP to this guy and couldn’t be more pumped to be leaving Apple anti-r2r-ecosystem.


Ordered mine 07/29. Can’t wait!


Just got my “We’re preparing to ship Batch 2” email !

I’m a DIY, 1240p.

Order date: 05/31


Just received a first email :partying_face: ordered 24th May 2022


Yup, received the email too! Excited
Have ordered DIY version i5-1240P (Up to 4.4 GHz, 4+8 cores)

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-1240P
  • Keyboard: US English

Expansion Cards

  • 2 USB-C
  • 2 USB-A
  • 2 HDMI
  • Power Adapter - US/Canada
    August 1: Received the email “We’re preparing your batch!”

I am in the US.
I ordered DIY version i5-1240P (Up to 4.4 GHz, 4+8 cores). The order was placed on May 30th.

I will continuously update the timeline below:
August 1: Step 2 email received with the subject " We’re preparing to ship Batch 2! Please review your info."
August 1: I requested to modify my order about the extension card.
August 18: Step 3 email received: Preparing your order. Sent 1–2 business days before we collect the remaining payment.
August 19: Step 4 Payment complete! Your order is shipping soon.
August 25: The laptop is shipped !!


How long does it usually take to process a batch? I ordered on july 15th. Can I expect it to come in the coming month?

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I’m glad to see people getting update emails! I ordered mine May 21 but no update emails yet.

Edit: Got my “preparing to ship” email today, Aug 3.

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Ordered a 12th gen batch 2 laptop on Aug. 1st, excited to try this out. Need it for work (and current work computer is sort of reaching the end now), so I’m also looking forward to FW relieving my old ASUS from its duties.
No confirmation e-mail as of yet, will post updates here to avoid spamming.


Ordered the mid tier one on June 26 and got the “We are preparing Batch 2” email just now \o/ I am excited!

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Got the batch notification! So excited to finally be getting my framework, been wanting one since they first began. Getting the i5 and BYO 16gb ram, 500gb ssd, and charger. Can’t wait!


Ordered on June 15 and just got my “preparing your batch 2” email. I went with the DIY i5-1240P, and 2 USB-C, 1 USB-A, and 1 HDMI module. Most of the other parts I’ll supply myself from a previous system that got damaged.

Curious, like others, when the shipment might actually happen if anyone has any insight. I’ll be travelling in a couple of weeks, so hopefully it’ll be before or after that. LOL


any idea what is the timeline in general for next step after receiving preparing for batch !?

1 Like I would guess we should see payment and movement in the next week or so. The email we got reads like an “all aboard, please get your tickets ready” message.

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For most of us in Batch 1 we got our preparing to ship your batch emails about 10 days before we received our preparing to ship your order emails, we received our payment processed emails about 5 days (3 business days) after receiving the preparing to ship your order emails and the laptops were shipped within about 2 business days of taking the payment.


Hi again All,

I hope the following information helps you fellow Batch 2’ers

I made my preorder between the 20th-30th July and I just got my preparing batch email. For those of you who may be worried about not receiving the email yet, am sure you will probably get it in the coming days. I know I was worried, couldn’t help it, am really excited! :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


Placed my order July 29th and just received the “preparing your batch” email today. Looking forward to the next step!


Hi All!

Made my preorder on July 10 and just got my “We’re preparing your batch!” email just now. Seems like they’re sending the emails in waves so don’t worry if you haven’t received the email yet. I’m very excited to use this laptop!

By the way, for people looking to buy a powerbank for the framework laptop and wants to know what the “Nominal Capacity” of the powerbank should be to be able to charge the laptop to full at least 1 time, I would recommend reading through these very informative articles:

I ended up with the ZMI PowerPack No. 20: PowerPack No. 20 Model QB826G - 25000 mAh Backup Battery 210W Total Ou – ZMI. I roughly estimated that it can charge the laptop at least 1 time.


I got mine as well! Very excited!