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Glad to find humor. :slight_smile:

I think I’m a little less cool for taking the nerd path, well, in the sense that the 70s or 80s meant it maybe. I’m out of touch with the things people call cool now a days too come to think of it haha But, have found my own cool shared with others around this linux stuff, and by extension anything that makes a half decent effort to keep the consumer in the decision process when it comes to devices they have purchased. – Sounds like we agree on the tech side.

I also agree that if you can’t laugh at yourself you can’t find anything else truly funny. It probably also points to some deeper individual troubles… but hey, who doesn’t have those, right? If we think we don’t that’s the first problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, I think I see a point you are making. You think it would be a better Idea for a general thread for the framework16, instead of a thread that was loosely exclusive to batch one people connecting and sharing stories. I figure what you mention is fulfilled by the general framework16 linux forum. I’ve seen some cool threads there for sure.

Welp, thanks for taking the time. :slight_smile:

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Well that’s not what we meant at all! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to hang out here and have fun, by all means, please do! We’ll keep it open, it’s OK!

If you have a problem you’d like help with, please post in an existing thread or start a new one if a search doesn’t come up with anything. Your issue is probably not related to Batch 1 and others may benefit from it, so putting it here hides it.

Similarly if you come up with something cool that will benefit everybody, like @James_Croney’s awesome Linux bootloader theme, please share it in its own thread so everyone can see it and benefit. It’ll be hard to find if it gets left here while the other batches ship and everyone moves on.

So go ahead, have fun here. You are in an exclusive club, you’re the first to get the Framework 16. We’ll keep the thread open for fun.


Hi @2disbetter,

May I know your experience with these two ssd combination?
I am worried about overheat issue. I plan to buy sn770m 2tb m2230 retail version with sn850x 2tb.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Than_Htat_Aung and thanks for your question. I unfortunately had to cancel my order (which made me cry inside) because of a logistical complication. I plan on ordering the same config again when that issue is remedied.

I certainly couldn’t have been the only one to go dual NVME though. Perhaps someone else on the board could share their observations?

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Thanks @2disbetter ,
I have already order sn850x 2tb, I will check with others :smiley:

I have the 770 and 770m 2TB in Raid1. (well about half of it is raid1 and the other half is raid0). Is there some specific metric or test you’re looking for? Anecdotally, its been fine.

Hello friend! As a note, I don’t have a permission to turn a thread to a wiki. People at Framework and people as a Community Moderator can do it.

Because I am a Trust Level 3 - Regular on this Discourse forum system. Anyone can be the level after being active in a certain term on this forum. And I can rename a thread’s title due to the level. You can check the following document for details.

Thank you for the clarification. My apologies if I misconstrued anything. I am so used to seeing you updating wikis that I made an incorrect assumption. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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It’s okay. Because people with Trust Level 1 - Basic and higher trust levels can edit (update) wiki posts. So, I was able to do it!

Where can I read those articles?

There you go: What DRAM/memory is supported by Framework Laptop 16?

Thanks but I didn’t see any test result for WD BLACK SN770M 2TB M.2 2230 WDS200T3X0G
Based on your test, may I know whether it is superhot or power draw too much even in idle stage, normal os running stage and excessive file trasfer stage? I didn’t see the bench mark with pcie4 mode in a laptop for this ssd yet.

Just realized that I’ve shared the RAM article, sorry about that. I’ll check what happened to the storage one :saluting_face:


that would be this

it doesn’t have a list like the ram article does tho

I found this articles with a few compatible list.

I am curious about the benchmark and test result of those ssd actually.
Which ssds are superhot, good for power consumption, have read/write consistent.
Because all the speeds advertised by the ssd vendors are sequential speed.
I am currently interested in sn770m because it is the only TLC and have the highest TGW for 2TB. For longer use, it will be the best bet. My only concern is that will heat trottling bring down the speed and drive usage. I can’t find any real review with a laptop , even surfacepro is running under pcie3.

for clarity that article is specifically for the fw13. it probably doesn’t make that much of a difference, but it seemed worth pointing out.

Oh, thats right it is for fw13, I just did the keywords search from the KB search textbox :joy: :joy: