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Ah of course. I was looking for them from the manufacturer of the card itself. Looks like this might be OEM only? I’ll pop it back in next time I open up the laptop.


The first time I switched mine, I didn’t understand how far back it had to be to align properly. I got it into a position that seemed like it could be correct but wasn’t. Still something nagged at me that it wasn’t right so I took it out and fiddled a little more and figured out the “trick.” It’s probably not the case with yours but I figured I’d mention it just in case. :eyes:

Oh, that’s fun. Did it click in place even when it wasn’t properly aligned?

It’s hard to say yes or no to that. In thought I had it in place but, something just felt “off” about it so I pulled it out, looked more closely at everything, and then tried again. I guess that time I had a more satisfying “click” but since it was the first time, I didn’t really know what to expect.

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@Per_Magnus_Tveten I just received shipping info =)

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So conclusion from support was that my mainboard needs to be replaced :frowning: Over one single screw. Back to tracking watch…

Hey me too :slight_smile:

And seems like it’s gonna be here next week!

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That’s a bummer. I was wondering how they were handling those.

My GPU arrived yesterday and same got the laptop shipping info yesterday too :slight_smile:

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Probably so they can remove the screw make sure there is no reason it would not do it again… and then see what they can do with it… and even to see if they can work out Why it happend.

I could see if they sent a page of instructions on how to remove the screw your self could lead to more issues.

From what I’ve been able to tell, this issue is caused by the hole being cross threaded on some boards. It may not be as simple as simply removing it. There’s some sort of manufacturing issue happening. It’s always this same location.

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Ahhh ok…

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I still haven’t had an email with new shipping details for the replacement part :(:(:frowning:

Arrived today. On a Sunday :+1:


Mine too!

@Destroya just want to mention that it was delivered by DHL, and I did not do any of the authorise to be left at the door if one was home…
but they knocked on the door, but he was back in the truck by the time I opened the door and just kinda yelled out something like ‘there ya go mate!’

the FrameWork 13 I got that was delivered by FedEx took longer but they made sure I signed for it at the door.


Woot received and assembled mine!
Have a minor issue with the touch pad not sitting flush, I’ve contacted support about it, I think it is common.

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Even with the keyboard and its spacers?, as those metal ones do sit on the bottom part of the keyboard or spacers above.

Mine seem to have a very very minor difference in height (unnoticed until I looked now lol)

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll be sharing the feedback.

Mine looked just like kurt’s. It sits under the fleshy part of my palm and so is a little annoying. I bent the trackpad a little and now it’s comfy. I don’t want to throw a perfectly good trackpad (if a little crookedy) in the dumpster, so I never notified support.

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Mine was a little bit off, but I swapped the right and left spacers and now it’s all good.