FW16 Batch 7 Guild

im going 4 and 1 for boot drive for 5 total

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Pleasure to meet everyone. Hopefully we can share notes if issues arise that may be batch specific. I’m looking forward to my DIY 16!

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Just one 4TB 2280 for me. I’ll leave the 2230 slot open for now.

You must have entirely too much time on your hands if this concerns you. I envy you.

Just stating my opinion, nothing wrong with that, is there?

Until I finally receive my FL16, it does feel like having too much time, as I’ve done all the preps I could do without it.

Absolutely not - I’m just pulling your leg.

I hear you about time too.

Hi. It’s a pleasure to meet everyone.

Do we have any thoughts about our shipping date? I’m making do with castoff laptops at the moment.

Stay safe and well, Everyone.

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Well, until they announce batch 3 it will be difficult to predict the timings since the lunar new year made things a bit confusing. However, based on what i know of the AMD 13’s preorder, with how new batches would start shipping every week or so, I’m guessing that the announcement will be on the week of March 20th, and they will likely finish shipping the batch by the first week or so of April.

This is all speculation


So batch 3 is already getting their emails, based on this topic: Batches Shipping Log

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Oh damn, that was like 5 days from the batch 2 prep emails. I know it isn’t necessarily indicative of actual shipping dates, but this moves my schedule up considerably