FW16 Batch 8 Guild

Actually, missed the email - I’ve got it! Shipping between 4 & 21 days!!! :smiley:


Checked email a couple times but still nothing… I had this issue with the pre-order they didn’t send me an email @Destroya Are emails still going out for eighth batch?; I don’t want to miss my pre-order again…

Login to your account on the store and check it make sure your email matches etc. check your junk mail. have seen this in many other batches. If your batch 8 make sure everything is GTG before April 4th.

Also just saw this on X https://x.com/frameworkputer/status/1775326382987550775?s=61&t=E_exJeDrmM9tNcsUQKoKSA

They have Paused Manufacturing temporarily Putting their Employees First, after an Estimated 7.4 Earth Quake struck Taiwan!

I hope that every one is safe and i feel like saying our computers can wait!


Yeah no idea but I got moved down to batch now… Guess I’ll be waiting another month… Everything is good to go though on my end from what I can tell…

What batch?

Sorry don’t know why the last part got deleted, batch 9…

Taiwan earthquake: Strongest quake in 25 years leaves at least 4 dead | AP News that’s a significant earthquake… Says alerts weren’t sent out because only a mild quake was expected, at 8 AM during rush hour. Hope everybody’s ok.


Ahh so not too bad. Assuming they can get running and supply chain is still intact you will be fairly quick after us.

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We’ve yet to get charged, though. And later batches might still be delayed if the earthquake did damage the chip production lines or just the wafers that are in production.

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Yikes, that’s a big one! Sounds like the death/injuries could have been a lot worse, but still. Safety and family first.

It’s about time!!

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Well, apart from the number of buildings where the bottom story has collapsed leaving the rest teetering at about 30 degrees from vertical (one news report suggested 45 degrees), then yes I guess it’s not too bad.

But even if the factory hasn’t suffered damage they will still want to clean up the dust that a shake like that will disperse over everything. So I would think it will probably set back production anything up to two weeks.

Hey William, I see that you are Batch 9, can you please clarify what email were you expecting from us? I don’t see any support tickets on my end.

My response was to him going to batch 9 from what he thought was 8. Had noting to do about the earthquake


Holy crap that’s awful. I never even saw it in the news…

I just got charged! No email yet but I’m sure it’ll come


My card just got charged!


me to, fuck yeah


Never thought i would be happy to see almost 2k charged