Glowing Logo

I don’t know how the logo is attached to the top case, I suspect it’s plastic-welded, but if it was replaceable, I would kill for one of the glowy logos the older macbooks have. The logo lighting up when the laptop is on is one of the coolest things, and maybe apple has a patent on it, but I think it would be worth trying. I’m going to get a 3D printer in the near future, and I may try printing a translucent gear to fit in the slot, the problem would be finding a spare header or something to power the LEDs, I don’t know enough to pull that off. Some kind of expansion card that detects whether the computer is running might be an option, but that should be plan C, it seems like it would use battery and an entire slot for something that should be integrated.


does it even need leds, could it not be illuminated by the screen backlight somehow?


that’s how apple does it. however, for that to work, the lcd needs to emit light to the back, an as far as i know, the framework lcd has some kind of black cover on the back. maybe you could cut that with a cutter but the risk of damaging the lcd is very high.

Apple got rid of the glowing apple in 2016 as the cases got thinner and the cutout could become a structural point of failure.

If you look at the top assembly for the Framework, you can see that the logo is resting on top of the frame instead of cutting through. Since the Framework is almost as thin as the 2016 Retina MacBook Pro, they probably had the same constrain.


Yeah, I had seen that backplate scan before. I thought maybe you could get LEDs small enough, and that way you could just replace the logo, without cutting through or messing with the LCD.

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Also just thought of this, the framework logo couldn’t be a cutout, as we would need something to support the circle in the middle. The apple logo doesn’t have this problem, as it doesn’t have internal voids.

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