I can't wait any longer

I REALLY NEED THIS LAPTOP YESTERDAY, MY MACBOOK IS BEGINNING TO FALL APART AND CRASHES EVERY DAY!! Sorry for being so loud and impatient, it’s just that I’m slowly but surely losing my sanity because this device is almost everything I wished for and I know that I could probably have it by now if it weren’t for the damn chip shortage. I check this forum multiple times a day and read every comment in hopes of some news, because I WANT A FRAMEWORK NOW, ARGHHH


The rest of us feel the same pain! Somebody more musical than I should do a cover/parody of “The Waiting is the Hardest Part.” It’s been done before: Blackberry (remember them?) did it for the release of their Blackberry 10which, unlike the Framework, was at least a year late to market and pretty much tanked (nd they didn’t have a chip shortage, only themselves, to blame). So, yeh, ARGHHH :slight_smile:


We have a saying in germany: “Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude!”
(“Anticipation is the greatest joy”)

But this may not help you :smile:


I’m from Germany myself and have been a lifelong opponent of that saying, as I think that the joy in the moment you finally receive the long awaited good trumps the one associated with waiting for it by far! Of course one aspect of the saying is true: It usually goes downhill from there joywise; but I refuse to believe I won’t have a lot of joy with my framework once it finally arrives in Germany.


That’s true haha!

So many people in Germany get excited of this product. Would be nice if the FrameWork market in Germany/Europe works, that we don’t have to send everything to the US. Would be a big point for sustainability!


Yes waiting makes the reward more worthwhile - unless it’s food, after which it’ll spoil.
That aside, I ordered batch 2, so my wait is until August. Here’s to hoping that it’s the early half of the month, and not the latter!

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I would be remiss in my duties as a Trekkie if I didn’t offer Spock’s advice:

“… having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but is often true.”

Of course, in this instance, I can say that I can hardly wait either, so I don’t know where that leaves us. :slight_smile:


Nirav said

So we lucky Batch 1 buyers should be getting our emails by the end of next week!?

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My German pronunciation is going to be awful, but it does make me think of all the times I’ve been excited about upcoming releases. Couldn’t get enough input while waiting. Still true!

Daily tasks:

  1. check the email for the confirmation
  2. check the main site
  3. check Twitter
  4. check your he community forums
  5. repeat six more times!

Yeahh I am on task #2 right now. :smile:


I’d love to pretend that when I get the email confirming my billing and shipping information I could stop checking in on the status every few hours but I know once I get that email I’ll be waiting for a tracking number… and once I get that I’ll be refreshing the tracking page until the package finally arrives. I can’t help it I’m just so excited for this laptop!


Has anyone yet received the pre-shipping email? I was told shipping had started but no reports of emails here yet.

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Yep I received my preship email Monday. And of course that first shipment slid down the line right about there too on Twitter!


@Nick_Martin Not fair :cry:, I want mine! Was yours a prebuild or DIY?

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F.W. fooled me! I received the newsletter email today with the subject “The Framework Laptop is now shipping!”, and I thought it was the preship notification. I had a huge smile on my face for about 2 minutes. :disappointed:

Oh well. It can’t be that much longer. There’s only a week or so left in the month for the rest of Batch 1 orders. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
p.s. I ordered DIY

I just got my shipment notification email so any batch 1 orders can’t be that much longer!

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@FsOver2 oops! We are sending out new notification emails each day or two though, so you should get your email soon.

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Thanks! I’ve really appreciated Framework’s quick responses to my questions and order changes. You’ve been nothing but helpful. :+1:

I believe I ordered mine on the first day of availability. Am I in batch 1?

Nathan, you can review your order from the my account link on the main Frame.work page. That will tell you.

If you ordered on first day of availability, then yes, you should be in batch one.