Laptop Overheating and Losing Connection to M.2 Drive

Essentially the problem is that I find my computer overheating while the lid is closed, and this overheating (presumably) causes the M.2 drive to disconnect. I downloaded the latest firmware update today, which said that it solved this problem, but this has not fixed my problem. I already backed up my data because of the possibility of my M.2 drive failing, and I believe I am still under warranty, but wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem (and perhaps any solutions).


What specific one did you get? And what processor?

My CPU is the Intel i7-1185G7 and my M.2 drive is the 2TB - WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe™ I believe.

I just ran Crystal Disk Info to check my drive’s health and it says that it’s healthy. I have bluescreened several times since my last post, always after closing the computer lid or if the computer goes to sleep. What could be causing this issue?

Follow the directions for replacing the screen to make sure that the cables are connected firmly.

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This is exactly my setup as well. I wonder if this issue is actually what’s causing all my issues when I have the machine closed in a vertical stand hooked to a TB4 dock. I thought it was suspend / resume problems but perhaps it’s losing the connection to the m.2, suspending, and then can’t really wake back up.


Considering the main board can run completely stand-alone, I can’t imagine loose monitor cables would really cause any of these issues. I’ve had lots of issues with this CPU and and SSD combination. I really with Framework would take a look at it.


Exactly why I suggest that it be ruled out 1st. My experience as an engineer is not to discount anything… Especially when it’s “after I close the lid”

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One of the reasons I did not go for the 850 was because of reviews saying it runs very hot and recommending a heat sink. Obviously, there is no room for one in a laptop and I imagine closing the lid exacerbates the problem.


Gotcha. I’m also an engineer but tend to focus first on the issues that have the highest potential to be the problem. I’m not a hardware engineer though so it may just be a different mindset. But honestly this is such an easy check it would be good to test it regardless. So I did go back and test it but I didn’t see any change in behavior regardless if the monitor was plugged in or not.

I did however see a difference in behavior when the machine was opened vs closed in clamshell, running Windows vs Linux and when I switched out the SSD. I put a SK Hynix P31 and haven’t had issues yet. But it hasn’t been long enough I’ll keep running this for awhile with this CPU to see how it goes.

Yea this does seem to be potentially an issue. The drive may just be too hot in this laptop. I wonder how much testing the Framework guys did with this CPU and SSD combo. It’s rather disappointing but I suppose I can always through it into an enclosure or NAS.


Hey guys,

Since I will almost exclusively be using this in clamshell mode with an eGPU, this is of interest to me.

Will a 2mm copper heatsink fit on top of the nvme drive?

(normal amazon link)

I didn’t really think there was enough room for even a 1mm heatsink:

I also avoided SN850 because of the thermals. In fact for thermals and battery life, a DRAMless WD like the SN550 or the newer one that just came out might be a better idea. SN850 would be more suitable if installed in a 8-16-core machine where multiple VMs or containers are doing work simultaneously. Not sure if this is the cause of the issues though. You could always try another SSD and see if that eliminates the problem.

This might have happened to me too now that I think about it. Was recently casting over the HDMI port and my computer crashed. I tried turning it back on and was constantly met with an error saying nothing was found on the drive. After waiting a while for the laptop to cool down and reseating the M.2, I found an option to re-enable Windows Boot Manager in the BIOS and it was working again. Although I’m using a 500GB SN750

Same here, this has actually been plauging me for a while now, I’m finding more and more that the laptop likes to run pretty hot, not sure whether these issues are more windwos 11 beta issues or the bios updates causing issues or some combination of both. Closing the laptop and leaving it for a while in sleep mode I’ve had several occasions where I come back to find the laptop so hot I can barely hold it, usally after its been sitting closed on my bed but its happened just sitting on my desk too. When I open it all I would see is a black screen and its completely inoperable with the power indicator light just fading in and out. But a few times now I’ve actually seen the m.2 drive disconnect and crash windows after opening it up from closed/sleep. I’ve also seen it just refuse to wake after closing the lid after a couple minutes doing the same black screen and powerbutton fade thing. Seems like theres just issues when the laptop goes to sleep in general and can cause overheating since the fan stops running. Hopefully it will be addressed soon.

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By run hot, I’m curious what you consider hot? Also are you using the laptop as a laptop or do you have it closed and in use? (clamshell mode)

Mine runs at 39-42C on average, which is very inline with other Intel CPUs. I routinely disable turbo boost and try to run in the lowest TDP possible for normal use. I’ve found that the laptop is fast and responsive regardless of the TDP used.

So I’m just curious what kind of temps you are seeing?

It isn’t so much that the temperatures while using the laptop are high, it’s that when the lid is closed, the bottom gets extremely hot and causes the M.2 drive to disconnect. When the laptop is closed, it is not in use.

Yeah, that was I wondering about. I am planning using it docked as soon as my eGPU gets here.

I’m curious about solutions for this.

i5-1135g7, 32GB Ram, hynix p31 gold 1tb

Experiencing the same issue where my laptop will often not stay asleep when the lid is closed, causing me to find it extremely warm. Along with multiple times in the past, I just had this happen when I took the laptop and set it on my bed, opened it, closed it after checking something on it, and roughly 10-15 minutes later it was much hotter than it has ever been while pushing the CPU.

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Can you install Nirsoft Bluescreen viewer and post the error codes and address locations?