Laptop shuts down during sleep

Yeah, I’m hitting shutdowns during sleep again, so while my post may have been interesting, it doesn’t ultimately solve this behavior it looks like. Probably best to stick with the S3 workaround until the modern standby mode behaves better.


I am having this problem too with a relatively new 12th gen and it happens with or without power and sometimes even when I just choose restart from within windows. It closes out windows, turns off screen - and then somewhere in there the screen never turns back on even though the power button shows on. It is not consistent but it is common enough that it is super frustrating to the family member who is using the laptop as their main device.

I have no good info to add to this thread, but thank you all for hopefully helping come up with the push or info for a resolution.

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It’s only been about 1.5 days since my last post, but so far the change to S3 sleep is working perfectly (well, the first time it hibernated, but that was because of a power management setting that I could easily change).

I know S3 sleep may be slightly slower than modern standby, but it sleeps without any of the issues we’ve all experienced, so I definitely recommend it.


Two days ago, I replaced the mainboard (no small task and it truly is a DIY laptop, briljantly build) en I reverted all settings back to S0 deep sleep.
It has survived two nights now, so it looks promising, and may look like hardware related on some mainboards (it looks like my old mainboard reacts differently compared to the new one).
Disabling S0 using the regkey mentioned in LTT and above, also made a stable system.

I’ll keep posting my experiences.


Love to hear it!

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I’ve completed my troubleshooting with Framework Support. Based on all the testing over the last week, they have concluded my laptop is experiencing a software issue. The issue happens when a power cable is connected to the laptop, regardless of expansion cards being installed or not. For the time being, I’m sticking with S3 sleep. Here was their last bit of feedback after asking if this was being looked at with an eye towards finding a resolution:

“We are currently aware of these issues with the Intel CPU and are currently working to improve or fix them with our configurations. We may have to announce any fixes in the future but are unable to provide an estimated time frame as this is not an internal hardware issue by Framework. This is a known issue with the Intel CPU in relation to power management in Windows.”


Good to hear they are aware and its software related. Hopefully with the next bios update we get a fix.

And three unexpected shutdowns later, I can confirm it didn’t help replacing the mainboard. I got a bonus that FN Lock is no longer possible to activate (really annoying: help!), and I’m now switching back to hibernate and disabling S0.


Adding a reply for emphasis, since this fixed the issue for me as well. No need to disable S0 sleep.

My issue went from 100% daily power loss to zero issues now for well over a month with the steps I listed out above.


I checked for the System Event IDs 10111 and 10110 and I don’t have those listed to correlate to the item in the device manager.

Has anyone found any solution to this?

I have also checked my sleep study & it shows that more often, the laptop goes into abnormal shutdown causing all the open files & applications to close which causes alot of trouble.

I have tried by disabling hibernation via command prompt, still the issue remains.

Any solutions will be very helpful.

Have you updated your drivers/software as indicated by lessthanjoey?

Also a little more information on your setup would be good. Which configuration do you have, which OS do you use, which drivers did you install etc.

What OS are you using ??

Disabling hibernation doesn’t stop ‘modern sleep’ from using it when the battery has dropped, let’s say 5%

However hibernation doesn’t ‘close’ the files in the common sense as they are reopened in the same place as they were when hibernation took effect.

So when you use sleep how long do you want it to continue for as it uses quite a bit of power?


I am actually using a Dell laptop with Windows 11 Home & Intel 12th Gen i7 . I have been experiencing this issue & found this community that had users with similar issue.

I have updated all of Drivers provided by Dell & updated my windows to the latest version available.


I am using Windows 11 Home.

While in sleep, even sometimes for just about 15-20 minutes of sleep, I face this issue. I have used both sleep study & event viewer to see the root cause.

In sleep study it says abnormal shutdown.

In even viewer, I can see it as Event ID 41 "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. "

Dell technicials said that it was software issue and not hardware issue. And since my laptop is only covered for hardware waranty, they have refused to help me with this.

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Has any of you guys been able to get solution to this problem?
@Sean_Roberts @Roelof_van_der_Zee

Well it’s down to whether or not you have a warranty

Otherwise you can only buy another NMVe SDD and install a clean Win 11 and see if it still happens. Use a different make SDD. Get back to DELL with updates.

Has any one of you found the solution?

@AnotherBoringUser @yessikg

@lessthanjoey @Mariusz_Chrobak