Recommended laptop bags / cases / sleeves?

I have the 30L and no dGPU and it definitely fits with a bit of wiggle room (Im guessing @John_Crumpton has the 20L)

It was pretty good for the few months I used it before I snagged a pretty good deal on a PD everyday backpack V2 lol

I have an old 15 inch Thule Subterra bag and the Framework 16 fits in it. It is somewhat tight but the zipper closes. It would not fit if I had a GPU module attached. The Ethernet expansion card sticks out from the Framework but it fits within the bag with no strain on it.

Found a 40,6 cm 16" - 17" sleeve from Chelory that fits pretty well and won’t break the bank.

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This one fits the Framework Laptop 16 without the dGPU module. Depth-wise it is a tight fit with no extra room. Width-wise, there is an extra centimetre or so on each side of the laptop. I will add pictures eventually.

SITHON Hard Shell Laptop Sleeve Case

I am using it as a sleeve inside an existing Tom Bihn backpack as a replacement for the discontinued Brain Cell sleeve. My Brain Cell is too shallow to contain the F16 … no pun intended.

I’ve had the HaulPack for a week now.
It fits a FW16 with dGPU with ease… room to spare in the laptop pocket.
The ease of access is great. The laptop pocket has adequate padding on the back side (although not as much as the Everyday Backpack had) and it has no padding on the internal side of the laptop pocket, just fabric… so no protection for the laptop from the power brick and other items tossed into the pack. I’ll probably add a felt laptop sleeve for a little protection here. Thankfully, the pocket has enough space to allow that w/o issue.
I wish there were a few more small pockets and dividers on the inside of the pack for all the bits and bobs I tend to carry around. The external pockets are great.
For tossing it over 1 shoulder, the straps are fine, but not nearly as comfortable as the Everyday Backpack when actually worn as a backpack for more than a few minutes.

I got a Ruggard Ultra-Thin Neoprene Sleeve with Handles for 15-16" Laptops. The FW16 fits with the GPU and with the ethernet expansion card

My FW16+GPU fit without any problem in my 10 years old Everki backpack. Quality of this backpack is absolutely insane.
It’s the same as the Business 120.

edit: someone help me to found my proper backpack, not the atlas but the business 120

I purchased the T2-Clark.

  • It looks better in person
  • It is big
  • The magnetic buckles are a very neat touch.
  • The FW16 with dGPU fits inside the laptop pouch when loaded through the top.
  • The FW16 Does not fit through the side zipper, I didn’t remove my GPU as I didn’t get the empty expansion bay shell
  • The exterior Pockets are tight, even with nothing on the inside of the pack

So for me, that’s all deal breakers, making me have to return the pack.
I continue my search for a backpack that works for my use case

I have one of these arriving today, I’ll let you all know how it performs.


Not too expensive, might be worth it to tide me over until my Bag of Holding arrives in July.

I have a FW16 without the GPU. I bought the “tomtoc 360” carry bag from amazon (B0C2YW88SZ) which fits perfect, but definitely will not fit with a GPU on back.

I was looking for a small protective pouch and this does the job, though it’s a pretty cheap canvas-type bag with side opening only, but hey it’ll work. And has a little bit of added space for accessories.


Batch 6 here. FW16 with GPU fits in the GoRuck G1 main compartment. There are 2 main areas you would put a laptop in that bag normally:

“Bombproof” compartment that is a separate zippered area immediately at your back and

Elevated interior sleeve in the main zippered compartment.

Sadly the FW16 is too big for either but can fit when placed in the general storage area. Only issue is that doing so does not protect the laptop well from the bottom or help stabilize its movement in the bag (outside of the laptop being so bit it almost doesn’t fit). I will be getting a CushCase sleeve to help remedy this the best I can.

Update regarding this hard-shell, laptop without dGPU does not fit. :frowning:

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That sucks? Thanks for the update.

So I got this bag a while back (as stated in my previous posts in this thread):

And it does indeed fit with the dGPU installed! However, it does NOT fit if the laptop is also in the Cushcase sleeve I ordered also previously posted in this thread:

It should fit in the bag and Cushcase sleeve without the dGPU (expansion bay shell), but there will be extra material on the Cushcase sleeve.

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Wow, that’s a really nice bag. I ordered the Amazon Basics backpack to see how it will work, but it likely will be a temporary measure as I prefer more of a messenger style bag. I have a couple of Crumpler bags that I really like, but they are a bit on the casual side. In my personal opinion that doesn’t fit well with my advancing years. I currently use this bag The Canada Leathers Collection - Briefcases style Adrian Klis 2829, which I dearly love, but the 16" is a very tight fit. I can fit the 16" and the 13". but I don’t have a ton of room for accessories. Given my “bring everything, and the kitchen sink” nature, maybe that’s not a bad thing.

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There’s always Saddleback Leather, they warranty 100 years. They say “your grandkids will fight over these” as their catchphrase.

I haven’t looked into any of the measurements though, so not sure if it’ll fit in any of them.

After searching for anything less expensive that would fit my needs, I ended up buying the Saddleback Leather bag I’ve been drooling over:

Note: this would NOT fit a FW16 with the dGPU attachment. I don’t use a dGPU.


  • The bag is beautiful, and will probably outlive me
  • Great pockets, especially the slip pockets behind each side pocket
  • FW16 (no dGPU) fits comfortably in the main compartment, inside its Cushcase
  • Reasonably weather-resistant if cared for
  • Smells amazing
  • Made mostly of recyclable (steel) and biodegradable (cow and pig leather) materials. The only petrochemical-based material here is in the marine-grade thread.
  • Holds my FW16 (in Cushcase), 14" Macbook Pro (no case, front pocket carry), phone, several notebooks, container adapters, cables, and chargers, extra FW16 i/o modules, travel mouse, 5-6 fountain pens, business cards, ereader, tablet, files, power bank, personal items, umbrella, and more with room to spare.
  • Very comfortable to wear/carry
  • suits me fine for bumming around town, running a hacker retreat in the woods, or walking into a board room: no changing bags all the time
  • Can travel as a “personal item” on any airline I frequently fly


  • Costs an arm, leg, and your first-born child (figuratively, people)
  • FW16 doesn’t fit in either the inside-back pocket or the front expandy pocket, either of which would prevent me from needing a slip case.
  • This bag doesn’t have as much main compartment organization as some other bags I’ve owned.
  • The bag itself is not light (it’s about 5.5 lbs, or about 2.5kg, empty)
  • When the front expandy pocket is loaded, the bag can be a little tippy and not sit up on its bottom without leaning it against something.
  • This bag lacks the hidden compartment common to so many Saddleback bags.

Overall, I love this bag. I plan to keep using it indefinitely.

I will use the Cushcase until I have time to sew something more purpose-built. The Cushcase is great for protecting my FW16 outside the bag. For storage inside this bag, I’d prefer something with an open end so I can leave the sleeve in the bag when I pull my laptop out. I also think I can get a slimmer fit by reducing padding where the bag already provides enough protection, while also making it faster/easer to get my FW16 in and out.

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How’s the padding on the shoulder straps? The complaints in the reviews give me pause. (Though, granted, there’s often vocal negative reviews even on very good stuff on The Internet, so I take them with a grain of salt.)