[SOLVED] Linux Mint 21 Loud Distorted Noisy Microphone Experience

I am using Linux Mint 21, but people using other Ubuntu based systems or systems with PulseAudio might find it helpful.

I found that the internal microphone is essentially unusable. It is extremely loud, noisy and distorted. I am surprised nobody brought up this issue before. Maybe everybody uses mics in their headphones, like I was :smiley:. But here is how I fixed it.

You can use Sound Recorder to see how your changes affect the recording quality. You can get it using sudo apt install gnome-sound-recorder.

Adjust The Gain

The default gain of 0 dB turned out to be ridiculously loud.

  • Install PulseAudio Volume Control using sudo apt install pavucontrol
  • Open it up. Go to Input Devices and drop the gain. I reduced it to 30% (-31.07 dB)

Big improvement! But there is more.

Turn On Echo/Noise Suppression

You can dig deep on ArchWiki. Here is my TLDR.

  • You need to instruct PulseAudio to load the module module-echo-cancel and give it some parameters. Feel free to play with these, but this is what worked best for me.
  • Create file /etc/pulse/default.pa.d/noise-cancellation.pa
  • Copy paste the following content into that file:
### Enable Echo/Noise-Cancellation
load-module module-echo-cancel use_master_format=1 aec_method=webrtc aec_args="analog_gain_control=0\ digital_gain_control=1 beamforming=1 mic_geometry=-0.04,0,0,0.04,0,0 noise_suppression=1 voice_detection=1" source_name=echoCancel_source sink_name=echoCancel_sink
set-default-source echoCancel_source
set-default-sink echoCancel_sink
  • Restart your system.
  • Open PulseAudio Volume Control. In Recording select All Streams. You should see Echo-Cancel Source from.
  • Make sure this device is selected as the default input device.
  • You should now have way better audio!

Let me know if you even faced this issue, and whether this solution worked!


It could be another couple of months yet before I get my framework laptop. Because of the reputation of the speakers and microphone on the framework and with my, about 15 years, experience on Ubuntu and its flavours (Xubuntu, Lubuntu etc) I’ve bookmarked this thread. This sounds like it is going to be very useful information.

Thanks for posting this :+1:.

Thank you. I had the same issue with Ubuntu 20.04 and your solution worked!

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Hi @Kelly_Ortega_Cisnero welcome to the framework community , I’m glad @Dmitrii_Turygin’s guide helped you resolved you mic’s issue.


If you’re using Easy Effects to fix the speaker volume issue ([Tutorial] Improve sound quality on integrated speakers), you can also enable the “AutoGain” input filter to get the same result.