Unable to POST when eGPU is connected

I have a particular issue with my eGPU setup that prevents my Framework from POSTing.

My eGPU enclosure is the Sonnet Breakaway Box 650 with an RX480.

I get a POST code of 12 Green flashes (No hardware problems found), and the POST code bit is BBBGBGGG (11101000).

I’m not sure what to make of the POST code bit, but I can at least get the setup working if I make sure to unplug the eGPU before booting up.

Some other bits of information: I have the Core i7-1165G7 model. Issue occurs on both 3.02 and 3.03 BIOS. I’ve tried ports on both sides of the laptop already. Also, the screen does light up to show a solid cursor. The Framework logo never appears, however.

Any ideas?

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You might want to look at this thread:

I found it searching the forum.

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I have seen that thread. Sadly it seems like it was left partially answered. I’m not sure if they a managed to figure out something or are waiting for that firmware update.

I think they just found a work around. Of course just unplugging when posting seems like the easiest way forward.

They may be working on a BIOS revision to address the issue. I believe standby power drain issues are the chief work being done now.

Don’t know if I’ll be much help, as I left the whole Windows scene in 2018, but I was quoted in that above Thunderbolt 3 post. I’ve tested my workplace’s Akitio Node and my own personal CoolerMaster EG200. The EG200 seems to play better with this device, as I’ve heard other intel-11th-gen laptop owners complaining about Sonnet boxes as well when I was at work.

@Alex_S thanks for the heads up. I’ll look more into Sonnet support

sounds like firmware issues.
I will wait patiently as thunderbolt 4 ICs start to trickle extremely slowly from the foundry.

The new BIOS, 3.06, seems to solve this as well as getting proper power delivery while plugged into an eGPU. Let me know if anyone else sees things fixed in that as well

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While it seems like POST does take a bit longer than usual on 3.06 BIOS, I can also confirm that it fixes the unable to POST issue.