What happened to the man who invented these arrow keys?

Did he have a difficult upbringing?

Is there a way to get a keyboard with regular arrows? Some way to shrink that big SHIFT button?


I don’t know. But I know what I wish would happen to him.

I joke, I joke :upside_down_face:

Shrinking the big shift button wouldn’t be a good solution for Framework because touch typists would then be mad and complaining.

The way Thinkpads deal with it, I think is best.

But unfortunately, that wouldn’t work on the Framework-16. And companies like to try to be consistent.


lolyeah myself I’d end up hitting the up arrow as I typically hit the left half of the shift key… but those tiny arrows are so horrid. Thinkpads definitely have a nice solution!

does Framework sell alternate keybaords with that kind of configuration?

Unfortunately no, if there’s enough demand we could see it though since theoretically nothing stops Framework from making a keyboard and track pad area that could fit it.

It does. Look on the Picture. It is clearly visible, that there is not really much more space underneath. They would need to completely reinvent the whole contact-system. And then it would not be compatible to systems before. And that’s not they way Framework work. So i think it will not happen in that way.

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Just from the eyes on it, you could definitely have the two panels overlapping if they redesign the trackpad module to have a cutout. I don’t think they will, mind! But it would be possible.


This panels are very thin. How would you overlap one over the other?

With cutouts it could be possible, but then it would look quite bad. And also it would then be necessary to replace the trackpad too, because you would need the one with the cutout. And therefore it would not be compatible with older trackpad.

Or maybe im not understanding, what you mean with overlapping.

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You wouldn’t overlap, more cutout and yeah it would work but I think it would look good! Just… no one would really want it beyond a handful of us so it’s not something they’d do haha. Just like how I would spent an obscene amount of money for low profile actual mechanical or hall switches… too niche lol

Overlapping I miss-typed tbh and meant strictly have a cutout that would pair to a custom trackpad.

Dare to dream, though lol.

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Ahh ok, i think that would make it way more difficult. When you have just a straight line vs. that special cutout.

For me it would be ok from the visible aspect, but as i said, then the regular keyboard would not fit with the regular trackpad-bar. So you would have no compatibility anymore.

I would btw also like real arrows. Hate these little arrows. But glad I do not use them often.

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I don’t think so. You don’t need much more space than is already available within the border of the keyboard. Alternatively, I’d go for a somewhat narrower trackpad and combine that with wider spacers to compensate.

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Haha yeah, it’s a small nitpick for me and while I would like a fullsized arrow, I’ll probably be using a keychron K11 alice and some other brand of numpad, I have a Q0 but that’s a bit heavy to lug around. I want a plastic-bodied one that’s wireless.

Alice is really nice for ergonomics.