AMD Batch 10 Guild

I just picked up a 7840U upgrade kit for my Framework on Nov. 14. I assume the upgrade batches follow the DIY shipping and noticed there wasn’t an AMD Batch 10 guild yet. So here we are.

Per order, Batch 10 is currently estimated to ship in late Q4.

My intended/upgraded setup:

CPU - 7840U
NVME - SAMSUNG 980 PRO SSD 1TB PCIe 4.0 (may upgrade to 2 or 4TB :thinking: )
OS - NixOS :smiling_imp:

Other notables – I’m upgrading to a matte display and the tighter hinge sometime next week. I’m digging the upgrade path :smiley:


I finally bit the bullet and picked up a 7840U as well. Hoping to have it all before the end of the year.
The full setup (hopefully)
Mainboard - AMD 7840U
Memory - Crucial RAM 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5 @ 5600MHz CT2K16G56C46S5
Storage - Either Crucial P5 Plus or Samsung 980 PRO, depending on how Blackfriday goes (maybe even this)

I love all the customization possibilities that come with the Framework, just gonna list a few ideas here (if anyone knows of anything cool, please tell me)
Sticker(s) - Thinking about one of these Hydrascape Stickers landscapes or maybe a dbrand wrap, if anyone has used these and has some thoughts lmk
Expansion cards - Went pretty basic for mine, bought 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, and 1x MicroSD but I’ve been seeing all these awesome MagSafe-esque chargers so might have to try and see what we can do with that (again, if anyone daily drives these or has experience with it please lmk)

Can’t wait for this thing to get here


Those Hydrascape stickers are sweet, thanks for sharing!

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Also batch 10 here and can’t wait to get my hands on the device. I really wonder when that will happen, but my feeling tell me that it will be sometime at the end of December.

Thank you for revealing the existence of dbrand, I never heard about them before. What kind of skin are you planning to order?


Was considering the Sea Breeze Deluxe skin, it’s a little expensive, but I have a skin on my phone and it’s pretty high quality. Also have quite a few stickers from my old laptop that I might want to bring over, so we’ll see. u/Re99i7_Sl0th made this graph and I updated it for the most recent batch 7, so we can probably expect shipping emails around December 11th (for USA at least).


I can add mine to batch 10. I’ve ordered a 7640U that I’m going to pair with a 2x16g kit from Crucial and a 2TB Crucial P3 Plus SSD that I picked up on the cheap from Microcenter this afternoon :slight_smile:. I’m still debating between Ubuntu 23.10 and Fedora 39 as a target OS, but I’ve got time to putter around with different distros in a VM before the machine gets here.

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I am joining with the 7640u as well. I ideally would have liked the 16 inch version but it’s way too late and way too expensive, also any cpu upgrade is super costly - these machines are quite expensive as it is. I’m handing my thinkpad p14s gen2 down in the family to someone tht can’t afford a computer.
I chosen the Kingston fury impact 5600 as others before me, with a crucial p5 plus, they were reasonably priced on german amazon.
Will likely want to use dual boot windows 10 (maybe time to try 11 again?) with Arch, as I do on my current thinkpad.


I also considered the 16 in but I couldn’t justify the price to myself, plus carrying it around seemed like a pain. @Endre If you’re going to use Windows, definitely go for 11 rather than 10 for 7000 series. Battery life is much, much better on 11, just gotta disable some Microsoft bs.


Can join Batch 10 with my own DIY today 7640u. Was black friday shopping with the possibility of a surface laptop 3 replacement and kept reminding myself all day that I said I would buy a framework to replace this thing if and when I did. Was a good reminder that I didn’t need a “gaming” laptop but the little extra power vs a new surface will be nice for 3d modeling. Happy to see the AMD being so well reviewed so far. Snagged a few USB-C additions, plus a 256gb storage card.

Now to see what kind of hardware I can find on sale to fill this guy with :).

Any recommendations or things to stay away from?


I joined the Batch 10 crew last night.

My tablet was stolen earlier this week and decided rather than replacing with another high end tablet, I decided to jump in on the framework 13 laptop. Went higher end Ryzen DIY build. I’m sourcing a 4tb Lexar NM790 and 32gb (16gb x 2) of crucial 5600 ddr5 ram.

I want to go down the Linux as primary OS but have the back up option of Windows when needed. Still debating whether I install windows on an expansion module or if I should just spin up windows in a VM.

Very much looking forward to this. I think I will look I to a thunderbolt dock as I also have my work laptop so moving to single cable lifestyle would be greatly appreciated!

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For an SDD, it kinda depends on what your priorities are. I personally went for a 990 Pro 2tb for speed and space, but it was a bit pricey and isn’t the most power efficient drive out there, which may be a concern for you as you have the 55wh battery. This would be my choice for pure power efficiency, but a better all-rounder might be this. It really just comes down to what your workload is and if you value more capacity over speed, or power efficiency over capacity.

For memory, it’s a little bit easier. The option I personally went with and what I’ve seen most people go with is this kit from Crucial (CT2K16G56C46S5). You really want 5600mhz for Ryzen 7000, and dual channel 32GB is, in my opinion, the sweet spot for most things now (plus it’s a great deal right now)

Beyond just hardware, there’s lots of awesome community projects out right now, especially 3d printed stuff like expansion cards (and even this awesome expansion card holder), and plenty of cool ways to decorate your Framework that I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I went with that exact memory kit. Couldn’t beat it for the price. For storage I decided to take a cheaper path than the Samsun SSDs and went with a Crucial P3 Plus 2TB ( CT2000P3PSSD8), mostly because it was the least expensive 2TB SSD that Micro Center had to offer that wasn’t their store brand.


I’ve heard the P3 Plus is excellent too

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For SSD’s I recommend people check out TechPowerUp SSD database: TechPowerUp

They have really in depth analysis about the components that make up the SSD (ie TLC or QLC for the flash storage, whether it comes with DRAM or SLC cache and how much, performance figures including power consumption and actual read and write performance).

I went Lexar NM790 mainly for power consumption as I want the battery to last as long as possible but still give really decent performance. It has a really large HBM3 based SLC based cache which uses a lot less power than DRAM but at a slight performance cost but definitely not slow.

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Batch 10 sold out!

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Ayyyyy, batch 8 seems to be getting charged, looks like we’ll be charged around the weekend of the 9th if the graph is correct! Can’t wait to get my hands on this thing (hopefully before the new year?).

I ended up going for Kingston 64gb of 5600MT/s CL40 ram and managed to find the 4tb NM790 for £10 cheaper than Amazon. The ran arrived a couple of hours ago and the SSD arrives ok a few hours. All ready for when the laptop hopefully turns up next month!

Ordered my Framework 13 DIY with Ryzen 5 7640 to replace my macbook pro M1. For memory I have Kingston FURY Impact 32GB (2x16GB) waiting here and a Seagate Firecuda 530 NVMe SSD Gen 4 2TB as SSD. The powersupply is an Anker 737 GaNPrime 120W. Will be good to have on holidays since I can charge booth the laptop and the phone on the same time. For expansion cards I have take 3x USB-C, 3x USB-A, HDMI, DP, microSD and Ethernet. Will install Windows 11 Pro perhaps a Dual boot with some Linux distro.

Upgrading from my i5 11th gen mainboard. When FW goes through a good number of generations, I’d be interested to see what people would consider the best upgrade cadence for best upgrade paths. I definitely don’t need the best newest all the time.

Also been wanting to replace my macbook pro M1, wife ordered me a DIY 13 Ryzen 5 7640u as an early Christmas present. I ordered a Crucial 32gb DDR5 kit and a WD_Black 2tb SSD to pair. Il probably be running Debian with i3 since that is my go-to. The wife is keeping the macbook, you could say she bought it for the price of the framework :slight_smile: