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Got mine today as well, I’m typing on it actually. It was supposed to be delivered today but it arrived early yesterday but I wasn’t home…

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That same plane from GUANGZHOU that flew to Cologne, continued (with the same fight number) to Paris Charles de Gaulle.

But what scares me more, is that it now says its on its way to GUANGZHOU again…

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Something weird is indeed going on…


It could be while the customs release has been processed in France, it was done digitally and was bumped from the flight yesterday (due to weight or space restrictions) and is currently on a plane now…

That is exactly the same travel history I have, came here to check if I was the only one hahaha

I mean, even the time checks out… We must be on the same ““everything””

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Same for me. Was happy to see it arrive in France, but now it says china again. FedEx tracking really is interesting :laughing:

All those weird tracking scans are what I meant with being not in correct order. I faced the same and was worried, but it seems some scans are coming in delayed, so they are not in a chronological order. no worries, guys.


All of the scans are normal, there is nothing weird going on. One issue in the sequence is that scans are show in order of “scan” but also in “local” time and there can be a time zone difference between the origin and destination. In the case of Guangzhou there’s about 7-8h difference which can even erroneously show up as having happened on the “next day”.

The second issue that there is a difference between “On the way” - which indicates nothing useful at all, as this can be multiple scans within the same warehouse/checkpoint as the parcel progresses - and “Departed from / Arrived at FedEx Hub” which is far more useful.

Finally, there’s the “International shipment release” which can be ambiguous. In the case of FW, all import fees and duties (at least as far as Europe is concerned) are included in the price and paid for by Framework. I suspect this is some electronic pre-authorisation to make it easier to clear customs when the parcel actually arrives in the UK/EU/EEA.

If you want to see the correct sequence of events, go to the FedEx tracker, not Aftership, and in the “Full travel history” choose the option to show the times at the destination time zone, i.e. that of the country you are receiving your parcel in.


FedEx tracker… That’s what I’m using all the time

So yours went to France, then China, and then Germany.
Makes me wonder if the “some scans are reported later” is indeed true.
Mine went from France to China to France…

You’re misreading it. The stuff in Roissy on the 17th is the beginning of the import process (aka VAT and import duty if any). It starts before the item gets there so it’s released faster when it finally does.


My laptop was supposed to arrive yesterday but got delayed so I guess I’m waiting until Monday now. Also of course it flew right over me before travelling another few thousand km.

Exactly. None of the above examples actually made it to France in the first instance. When it actually does arrive in France it will show up as:

Arrived at FedEx hub

This is why I was saying that people should instead focus more on the updates that show “arrived at” or “departed from” a FedEx Hub.

In any case, there’s no point people obsessing over it - you’re not doing yourselves any favours.


my Framework went from Cologne (Germany) to Charles de Gaulle (France) and back to Cologne (Germany) … X’D


My AMD Batch 5 DIY arrived late yesterday.

3 days shipment time to Canada. Fedex routing was a bit weird: TW → AK → Memphis → Winnipeg (?) → Toronto. Fedex made the committed schedule so other than flying west to go east, no issues.

Box was punctured during shipping, but excellent internal packing seems to have protected everything.

Picked up the Kingston Fury DDR5 2x32GB CL40 RAM today & WD_Black SN850X 2TB NVMe.

Off to build.


Welp, I’m not seeing any ram deals locally and with the laptop arriving soon, i am going to order some ram from germany, man the laptop ram is 50% cheaper over there compared to spain. :sweat_smile:

Thankfully I was able to get to the package drop off point today after the courier managed to deliver on one of the two days I don’t work from home. I’m now all assembled and just waiting on my windows disk image to download so I can load it up. Probably should have gotten this ready ahead of time, but oh well :person_shrugging:

I did have a few fitment issues with the bezel where the bottom wasn’t sitting properly. I think I must have had one of the screen cables not sitting nicely behind it. Another jarring experience during the bezel installation was bringing the screen back to upright without the input cover. Some crunchy noises as the hinges flexed and caught on some screw threads. But that’s all gone now that the input cover is installed. All in all, an incredibly straight forward experience.

Delivered one day early!

Delivered today around 10:30 GMT. Total travel time almost exactly 5d, including two weekend days - that’s some speedy shipment.

Now to find the time this week to build it, and fingers crossed my Gentoo install works with just the minor tweaks I had to make (it has successfully survived 2 laptops and 4 hard drives over 12y so far).

Also, shout out Germany! If the above pie chart is assumed (I know, I know…) to be representative of the the % of orders, Germany seems to be heading the support for consumer repairable electronics in Europe (no surprise). I would love to see some official % stats from FW if they ever decide dig into the data and share some analysis publicly.

Mines out for delivery, but I’m not at home between for the entire delivery time frame of fedex so im trying to redirect it to a pickup point, and hopefully get it tommorrow.