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Also, shout out Germany! If the above pie chart is assumed (I know, I know…) to be representative of the the % of orders, Germany seems to be heading the support for consumer repairable electronics in Europe (no surprise).

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but you should at least account for population.
In these cases it is easily beaten by netherlands and austria. If you also look at Spain and Italy I’d guess this is more of an indicator of wealth.

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Just installed everything and attempted first boot.
Power button does not light up, no leds on the side.
When I plug in a charger, the led next to it blinks red 3 times and 1 time.
Don’t know what it means, and also can’t really find a “troubleshooting guide”.
If anyone has any tips (other than “reseat everything” :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edit: after keeping the charger in for 5 minutes and trying again, the power button lit up and a few moments later the screen as well!


You’re not bursting anyone’s bubble, certainly not mine as you’re pointing out the obvious. I did preface this as being a rather bold assumption - there are many caveats in this rather naïve “estimate”. I guess some people are just keen to make their obvious counter point known? This is not a scientific study.

In any case this is still starting a pointless aside discussion… which I’m happy to have outside of this thread, but doubt it would lead to anything productive without any factual sales data.

I’ve received the laptop today (the Netherlands)

Ordered in August
payment on November 14
shipment tracking on 16 November
expected delivery 21 November
real delivery… 20 November

Please update the poll if you haven’t done that yet:

Received today.
Mainboard + wifi card.

West Coast, USA. Just got mine today! It was pretty fast to put it together, and I’m enjoying it so far.

Mine came in yesterday a day early :slight_smile:
Found it exceptionally easy to put together.

I dunno why FedEx is so useless where I live. I don’t think I’ve ever had a package from them on time. My laptop was supposed to come Friday but was delayed, then today it was out for delivery and I worked from home waiting for it and then at 4:30pm it switched to delayed again. Uhg.

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And built! Super easy, guides were excellent. Ubuntu 22.04.3 OEM worked out of the box, except the fingerprint reader, which had a how to guide to resolve, which worked. Guides were excellent.

The engineering is the best I have seen since IBM Thinkpad days.

I had a lot of trepidation on this purchase, but this laptop has so far really exceeded my expectations.

Only issue was an apparently damaged display. Working to get RMA attention on that…

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It’s arrived! :smiley: Now to order SSD & RAM with Black Friday sales!

Ordered on 21 Jul
payment on November 15
shipment tracking on 15 November
delivery 21 November


Fedex tracking tells me that the shipping has been delayed to tomorrow :weary:

EDIT: Fedex updated the tracking again and now it’s out for delivery :laughing:

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Delivered yesterday November 20 - it was held up in processing on November 17 in my city.

Regarding installing Windows 11, I followed the Framework AMD installation guide. However, when I had my USB-A expansion card in slot 1 (left side rear slot), the USB Flash Drive was not recognized by the boot manager when I powered on. When I moved the USB-A card to slot 3 (left side front slot), the USB Flash Drive was recognized by the boot manager.

Edit: Very easy to setup; build quality is satisfyingly good if not excellent (time will tell as wear matters to grading excellent). This is the real deal.

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It’s here!!!


I had the same, and noticed that I had to push the usbstick in further.
The new cards are quite tight in the beginning.

It arrived! The keyboard module was slightly bent, but it works just fine.

Installed void linux and it’s working pretty well so far!

Yesterday I received my laptop at 14:00 in Italy :melting_face:

One day in advance

Got mine, came with a bent input cover.
Still manages to screw it all together with some brute force :sweat_smile:.
Gonna see if i can get another cover from support.

Are you sure that’s screwed together? Mine looks like that if you don’t screw all the screws in, and the DIY guide says as much

Note that the Input Cover will not sit entirely flat until the bottom fasteners are tightened. The bottom right corner is slightly lifted to make it easy to remove the Input Cover.

Its not screwed down yet, i can screw it down with some effort, and it does sit flat afterwards tho it makes some nasty clicks as i tigheten in the screw on the lifted side.

Received mine yesterday. I was able to set it up in ~2hrs. It is working pretty well so far.