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Just got my card charged but no email yet on shipping, I am in Alberta, Canada

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Just been charged! no Email yet, ordered from Barcelona.


Just got mine a day earlier than was told. Got stuck on the first boot. Hard reset. It started up, bluescreened, then seems to have been completely fine after that. It’s only been like 3 or 4 hours with it though… Anything similar happen with anyone else? Or should I be worried?

Someone in EU got customs clearing? Mine looks like as it is on it’s way back to China, beside still saying delivery today:

Got charged now.
No email yet.

It feels weird to be happy that my bank account went down a notch, but here we are. :smile:


it could be AMD’s iGPU driver issue.

After you make sure BIOS and driver are up to date (from FW).

take a look at this

My package has an identical history. Might be on the same plane :slight_smile:.

According to this post, it might be still in China. AMD Batch 8 Guild - #240 by sebbykaz

yes the package is still in China but at the same time the customs paperwork is done in France.

I am curious how they want to deliver it in 2 hours in Germany.

I have the same thing. Yet, fedex tells me that my package will be here by noon today…

Maybe China has invented some teleporting stuff :wink:


I got mine like half an hour ago and I’ve already finished assemblying it!
The process of building your own laptop is really satysfing IMHO.
No issues on mine so far. Currently installing W11 using the OOBE/BYPASSNRO option.

I was a bit worried coming from a Thinkpad to be a bit disappointed about the keyboard, but the Framework one feels really nice so far! The glass touchpad is also a nice touch.

I wish everyone else to receive your package soon :smile:


I received mine earlier today. Got it built and started migrating over to it.

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finally shipped! really hope it arrives before my travel plans in about a week

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Finally, I got charged yesterday. So far, no shipping notification.
I just hope everything will go well in shipping, and looking forward to switching to a modular laptop. :slight_smile:
I planned to migrate by just transferring the SSD from my old laptop and hoping that everything would boot up. (Using Windows 10) Later on, I plan to do a clean reinstall, but currently, there is no time for this.
Has anyone experience with this?

Except for the bezel, I very much enjoyed building my FW! It’s been running beautifully so far.


Yeah, if you open the lid to 180 degrees, the bezel isn’t so bad.

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Yea. Its honestly not that bad. Just open the lid all the way and it makes it so the wires sit a bit better. Still a hundred times better then the crap plastic clip bezels I use to have to deal with all the time where if you just put it on the desk and look at it wrong one of the clips will break.


Mine is still stuck in China, not moving an inch since 4 days now. I have no idea why they don’t transport it over here. Feels not very much like a priority shipping.

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